How To Get 6th Builder Clash Of Clans 2024

Building your Clash of Clans empire just got a whole lot faster with the 6th Builder, But the First Question Arise in every Clasher is How to Get 6th Builder Clash Of Clans which is a game-changing addition that doubles your construction speed and unlocks new strategic possibilities. But acquiring this legendary worker requires more than just good farming or trophy pushing. This guide will equip you with the knowledge and strategies to unlock your 6th Builder most efficiently.

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How to Get 6th Builder Clash Of Clans
Unlock 6th Builder

How To Get 6th Builder Clash Of Clans

  1. Upgrade Builder Hall To Level 9.
  2. Level Up The O.T.T.O Hut To Level 5.
  3. Complete Gear Up Requirements.
  4. Upgrade Builder Hall Defense Requirements.
  5. Upgrade Builder Hall Troops Requirements.
  6. Upgrade Battle Machine To Level 45.

Clash Of Clans 6th Builder Requirements:-

The journey to your 6th builder unfolds in the Builder Base, a separate strategic layer introduced in Town Hall 9. Here’s what you need to achieve:

  1. Upgrade Builder Hall to Level 9: This first important thing is to unlock the O.T.T.O. Hut, It is your gateway to Get the 6th Builder.
  2. Complete Gear Up Requirements: Gear Up three specific defenses in your Home Village by collecting Gear Tokens from Builder Base battles. You can choose between Cannon, Archer Tower, and Mortar.
  3. Max Any Builder Troop to Max Level: Complete by Upgrading any Builder Base Troop to Level 18.
  4. Upgrade a Defense to Level 9: Complete by Upgrading any Builder Base Defense to Level 9,
  5. Boost Hero Machines to Level 45: Complete this Requirement by Upgrading Builder Base Heroes to a title level of 45.
  6. Level Up the O.T.T.O. Hut to Level 5: This grants you two permanent builders in the Builder Base, laying the foundation for your grand prize.
unlock 6th builder clash of clans requirements
Requirement to Unlock 6th Builder COC

Step-by-Step Guide To Unlock 6th Builder Clash Of Clans

  1. Prioritize Builder Hall Upgrade: Focus your resources on reaching Builder Hall 9 before anything else. Donations from your Clan can significantly expedite this process.
  2. Strategize Gear Up Choices: Consider which Home Village defenses you use most frequently or require the least Gear Tokens to upgrade. Early Town Hall levels might benefit from prioritizing the Cannon, while higher levels might find upgrading the Archer Tower more economical.
  3. Maximize Troop and Defense Upgrades: Choose a troop you actively use in your preferred attack strategies and prioritize its upgrade. Similarly, select a defense that complements your overall base design for the Level 9 upgrade.
  4. Balance Hero Machine Progress: Upgrade both Battle Machine and Mega Tesla concurrently to ensure their combined level reaches 45 simultaneously. Prioritize the Hero Machine that offers more immediate benefit to your attack or defense strategy.
  5. Utilize Resources Wisely: Prioritize Builder Base resource production for O.T.T.O. Hut upgrades and Gear Token collection. Clan Wars rewards and strategic base layouts can help you secure the resources you need.

How to Easily Acquire Elixir and Gold To Unlock 6th Builder In Clash Of Clans?

There are 4 ways to get free gold and elixir to get the 6th builder Easily.

  1. Accumulate Raid medals in the Clan Capital base, using them to purchase full builders’ storage. This allows you to secure additional resources.
how to get the 6th builder in the clash of clans easily

2. Maximize your collector levels to increase your gold and elixir collection. Upgrade collector stores to safely store your resources, as these storages are immune to attacks on builders’ bases.

3. Complete challenges to earn rewards in the form of builders’ gold and elixir. Keep in mind that there is a monthly limit on the rewards, as challenges change monthly.

Pro Tip: Upgrade your clock tower to boost the speed of your tasks and collector efficiency by 24x. This helps you earn more gold. Additionally, you can obtain a 30-minute potion for the clock tower by completing challenges or purchasing it with raid medals.

4. Increase your league ranking in the builder base to access higher loot easily. Take advantage of events like Clan Games, where you can earn builder gold, elixir, and potions.

Notable Potions: Rune Of Builder Gold, Rune Of Builder Elixir.”

6th Builder


  • Patience is key! Upgrading the O.T.T.O. Hut and completing the requirements takes time and consistent effort.
  • Strategize your resource allocation for maximum efficiency.
  • Utilize Clan support for donations and advice.
  • Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the strategic challenges of the Builder Base!

Unlocking your 6th Builder is an exciting milestone in your Clash of Clans journey. By following these tips and maintaining dedication, you’ll soon be wielding six hammers of progress and building your empire to unimaginable heights!


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