How To Get 6th Builder in 2 weeks | Clash Of Clans Update!

How To Get 6th Builder In Clash Of Clan

Many players have not freed their 6th builder in the coc clan. I am going to show you how to unleash your 6th builder in coc in rapid, Moreover, I am also going to show you how to free your extra builder in rapid. What mistakes do players make while rushing the Town Hall?

6th Builder

The common mistakes Players make,

  1. Try to upgrade other things.
  2. There ate 4 tasks to complete before you can free the battle machine.
  3. The most important Battle machine needs to be updated with the town hall.
  4. Tesla must be a level 9.
  5. Canon card troop level 18.
  6. When you free builder you need to upgrade home village 4 defense.

So Other defense won’t matter in builder village.

However, You Can upgrade the collectors to max level, In order to get the Elxiser and gold. Also, m Upgrade the troops to max level in order to get extra loot. and also rush to the highest trophies in battle. The more, Trophies league the more loot your can get.

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How to Get Easy Elixir And Gold In 6th Builder Village?

There are 4 ways to get free gold and elixir,

  1. Get Raid medals in the clan Captial base. Where you can use the medals to buy builders’ storage in full. With this you

6th Builder

2. Get your collector to the max. So you can collect more gold and elixir. Moreover, you also need to upgrade your collector stores, where you can store your gold. However, these storages are safe no attack on builders’ bases for loot. So the Gold and elixir will remain safe.


3. Complete the challenges> Where you can collect the reward as builders gold & elixir. There is only a limited reward you can get in 1 month Because the challenge even lasts for 1 month after this it will change again.

Tip –  Also Upgrade your clock tower. Where you can make your all work and collector work 24x faster. And get more gold. Moreover, you can get 30min potion for the clock tower. you can complete the challenge for that or you can buy those with raid medals. 

4. Make your league high in builder base with that you can get more high loot easily. There is also an event called clan games where you can get builder gold and elixir and potion.

Potion Called – Rune Of Builder Gold, Rune Of Builder Elixir

6th Builder

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