Best Barbarian Camp Level 2 Layouts 2023 – Update Now 2024

Barbarian Camp Level 2 Layouts 2024

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Barbarian camp level 2 layout
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[read more] Latest layout in the clan capital for the barbarian camp. Getting camp is hard to defeat and at least it takes 4 to 5 attacks to defeat this layout. [/read]

[read more] This Layout Needs its wall upgraded in order to get the defense more durable this layout also needs serval attacks to defeat. The position of the building and the protection are precisely placed for the defense role. [/read]

Barbarian camp level 2 layout 3
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[read more] This is the highest level of defense that is required for the clan capital. This is the corner defense. Where the camp is placed at the corner of the map. This gives certain advantages to the defense.

Attackers only have 2 sides to attack however the map protects 2 other sides. This gives the map to opportunity to defend against the attacker. [/read]

[read more] The best barbarian camp level 2 layout is placed here you can copy the layout. in this defense, it will take at least 4 attacks to defeat this layout. The main component of this layout is that the main defense is around the town hall.

If the attacker attacks it will take 2 attacks to clear the outer building. and 2 attacks the clear defense. [/read]

[read more] The attacker will lead to the town hall first in this barbarian camp level 2 layout to make sure that the bait of the town hall will. The attacker will lose the 2 attacks after that 2 more attacks need to clear the rest of the building and defense. [/read]

[read more] This is layer defense. Where attackers need to get to the town hall by clearing the very wall of the layout. in this defense, the attacker needs at least 5 attacks to clear the barbarian camp level 2 layout. [/read]

You will see the layout links of all these bases as soon as Super Cell provides this facility in the game.

You can tell us by commenting below how you like these bases and what kind of design you want.


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