Capital Peak Level 8 Layout-2023

Capital Peak Level 8 Layout

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capital peak level 8 layout
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capital peak level 8 layout
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Positive Points of The Base

We have tested all these bases on all types of armies, and the selected bases are the best among them. The special feature of these bases, which have been carefully designed, is that the most powerful defense is placed in the center and that too at a certain distance. This arrangement ensures that any attack on the base from any direction will be effectively handled by the central defense, and keeping them at a distance also prevents all the defenses from being damaged at once.

Here, you can find all types of bases, like corner bases and center bases. You can choose the base type you prefer and create your base using the available layout given.

Best Army For Capital Peak Level 8 Layout

New Clan Capital’s attack strategy, along with supporting troops, to Three Stars in Capital Peak level 8 layout. The video for this army is at last of the article below.

1. The specific base layout you’re attacking: Different layouts require different troops to exploit weaknesses and counter defenses. Analyze the base’s defenses, especially Rocket Artillery, Blast Bow, and Inferno Towers, to guide your troop selection.

2. Your preferred attack style: Do you prefer brute force, strategic troop placement, or a combination of both? Certain troops cater to specific playstyles (e.g., Hog Riders for aggression, Super Barbarians for distraction).

3. Available spells and research levels: Utilize spells like Freeze, Jump, and Haste effectively to complement your chosen troops.

4. Your personal comfort level: Choose troops you understand and can utilize proficiently for better execution.

However, I can provide some general recommendations for strong Capital Peak Level 8 armies:

High Damage & Area Clearing:

  • Mega Sparky + Hog Riders + Super Giants: Excellent against compact bases. Mega Sparky deals splash damage, while Hog Riders and Giants tank and create openings.
  • Super Barbarian Swarm + Graveyard Spells: Overwhelms defenses with sheer numbers. Works well against spread-out bases.

Controlled Pressure & Distraction:

  • Super Archers + Super Sneaky Archers + Jump Spell: Precise targeting for key defenses. Jump Spell helps bypass walls and reach crucial buildings.
  • Barbarian Bombers + Super Bowlers + Rage Spell: Deals significant damage to multiple buildings and troops. Rage Spell boosts their effectiveness.

You will get to see the layout links of all these bases as soon as Super Cell will provide this facility in the game.

You can tell us by commenting below how you like these bases and what kind of design you want.


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