Capital Peak Level 9 Layout-2023

Capital Peak Level 9 Layout

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capital peak level 9 layout
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capital peak level 9 layout
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New Clan Capital Attack Strategy with Mega Sparky

New Clan Capital’s attack strategy utilizes the Mega Sparky, along with supporting troops, to Three Stars in Capital Peak level 9 layout. The video for this army is at last of the article below.

Troop Composition:

  • 1 Mega Sparky: The star of the show, dealing massive splash damage.
  • 4-5 Hog Riders: To stun defenses and preserve the Mega Sparky’s HP.
  • 3-4 Super Giants: To tank for the Mega Sparky and open walls.
  • 1 Frost Spell: To freeze key defenses like the Blast Bow or Rocket Artillery.
  • 2 Graveyard Spells: To distract and overwhelm defenses.
  • Optional:
    • Super Barbarians: For additional map clearing and funneling.
    • Battle Rams: To open up deeper into the base.
    • Haste Spell: To speed up the Mega Sparky and Giants in the second attack.

Attack Strategy:

1. Against Compact Designs:

  • Start with a Frost Spell and two Graveyard Spells.
  • Use the Super Giants and Battle Rams to tank and open walls.
  • Graveyard Spells act as distractions while Hog Riders stun buildings.
  • Preserve the Mega Sparky’s HP by using Hog Riders strategically.
  • The Mega Sparky’s splash damage makes it ideal for compact bases.
  • Aim for 40-50% destruction in the first attack.
  • In the second attack, use Haste Spell and additional Graveyard Spells if needed.
  • Surgically place Hog Riders to target key defenses.

2. Against Spread-Out Designs:

  • Use Super Barbarians to clear the initial placement map.
  • Mega Sparky can handle most of the work, but support troops are crucial.
  • Graveyard Spells distract and tank for the Mega Sparky and Hog Riders.
  • Battle Rams open walls for deeper access.
  • Aim for 50% destruction, even against spread-out designs.
  • The second attack is similar to the first, with Haste Spell being more valuable.

3. Against Single Inferno Heavy Bases:

  • Expand the placement map to guide the Mega Sparky.
  • Use Haste Spell and Graveyard Spells from the start.
  • Graveyard Spells and Hog Riders distract defenses, especially the Inferno Tower.
  • Open walls with Battle Rams to let the Mega Sparky through.
  • 40-50% destruction is sufficient for a two-star.
  • The Second attack is straightforward, using remaining troops to clear remaining buildings.


  • Be patient and strategic with troop placement.
  • Use the Mega Sparky’s splash damage to your advantage.
  • Protect the Mega Sparky with supporting troops.
  • Adjust your attack based on the specific base layout

You will get to see the layout links of all these bases as soon as Super Cell provides this facility in the game.

You can tell us by commenting below how you like these bases and what kind of design you want.


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