Best Clash Of Clans Creator Code 2022-2023 Results

So friends, the topic we are going to tell today was the demand of many players that we should be provided with all the information about this topic, so looking at all those things, we will tell you all the information here and whatever queries are made related to this topic, we will also tell you the solution to all of them in this Article. So today’s topic that many players want to know is the support “coc creator code” option in Clash of Clans and how to get our own clash of clans creator code in less time.

clash of clans creator code apply?

So Clashers to use the Creator Code option, you have to go to the game’s settings and then go down to the more settings option and at the last, you will see an option to support a creator. Here you can enter the code of any of your Favourite creators. After entering the code, will you be supporting your favorite creator through the game. But you would like to know what kind of support will you do exactly? So, in the answer, we explain to you in detail.

What will happen basically?

Whenever you buy anything inside the game like Gems, Gold Pass or any kind of skin, or any special offer, you buy anything through payment basically 5% of it will go as a gift to your favorite creator. If we explain you well as an example, then as if you know. A gold pass of Rs 500 comes inside the game and whenever you have supported a creator and after that, you buy the Gold pass, then basically it will be that 5% of your Rs500 i.e. Rs25 for direct support to that creator. Normally the gift will go to your favorite creator by using the clash of clans creator code of your favorite player.

Some queries related to ‘Supporting Creator’

  1. After supporting the creator, do we have to pay more for that item again?
  2. Will we get less for the gems we buy after supporting?
  3. Will we get more expensive items after support?

In relation to all these questions, let us tell you that by Supporting, you will not see any change in the item, that item will neither be Cheap nor Expensive. You will get to see it at the same price. This will happen only by supporting, before supporting, the entire amount used to go directly to Supercell and after Supporting only 5% of your purchased items will be gifted to your supported creator, and the rest of the money will go to Supercell.

Clash Of Clans Creator Code For Gems

clash of clans creator code

How can you Generate a Creator Code for Yourself?

Most of the players who play Clash of Clans have a question how can we make our own Creator Code? So let us tell you that it has a criterion that has to be fulfilled and after that, you get Your Creator Code. For this, you have to go to the official website of Supercell and there you will see the option to Join Programme. As soon as you go to the Join Program, you will see an option to connect your YouTube / Twitch account what is the requirement here you should have 5000 followers in the account you will connect.

If you have 5K followers on Youtube/Twitch and after that, you tried to join here and applied To the Official website Supercell program, So after that your Youtube/Twitch account will go under review and then Supercell will check the information given by you and it may take from 1 Weak to 1 Month. After that, they will tell you through Email that they have Selected you or Because of what reasons have They rejected you.

If you get selected, you automatically become a creator of Supercell, But the matter does not end here, This is what Supercell has said on its official website that even after this, you need to work continuously and when Supercell feels that you are entitled to get the creator code, it will automatically send you your clash of clans creator code via Email and lastly one very important thing that only YouTubers can take advantage of this facility, who play games and show them on YouTube/Twitch.

What are the Best COC Creator Code 2023

Is there any way to know the Best COC Creator code in 2022-2023? as this feature was implemented in October 2019, the developers of Supercell Created these codes in order to support the Clash of Clan Creators through their fans by using these simple coc creator codes? Supercell then pays a small 5% of any transaction to creators whose creator codes fans enter into their games. such as a referral or gift scheme. So what are the top Clash of Clans creator codes available right now in 2022-2023?

Clash of Clans Creator Code List 2023

Here are the codes for some of the most popular Clash of Clans Creators Streaming and creating content in 2022, which you can check out below and you can tell us by commenting below which is your favorite Supercell Creator.

  • YouTube Channel – Judo Sloth Gaming = Code “Judo”
  • YouTube Channel – Clash Bashing = Code “bash”
  • YouTube Channel – Galadon Gaming = Code “galadon”
  • YouTube Channel – Beaker’s Lab = Code “beak”
  • YouTube Channel – Klaus Gaming = Code “Klaus”

These creators have been some of the favorite content creators in Clash of Clans for quite some time now. You can use these codes not only in Clash of Clans but in all Supercell games, Like coc, Hay day, Boom Beach, Clash Royal, Brawl Stars, Clash quest, Clash mini, and Rush wars any of these game you can use this clash of clans creator code and support in any supercell games.

If you want to know something else in COC other than clash of clans creator code, then you can tell us by commenting below.

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