COC Clan Capital Base Layouts 2023 Update Now!

CoC Clan Capital – Capital Peak Layout Level 1

What Is Clan Capital On Clash Of Clans? What Should I Upgrade First In Clan Capital? What Happens To Clan Capital If You Leave? What Do Clan Capital Levels Do? COC Clan Capital Base Layouts COC Capital Peak Base Layouts.

coc clan capital layout

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Capital Peak layout level 1 base layout refers to the design and layout of a player’s base in the mobile strategy game Clash of Clans at the Town Hall level 1. At this level, players have limited resources and building options, and the focus is on protecting the Town Hall and resource storage structures.

A typical level 1 coc clan capital Peak layout would include walls around the perimeter to protect the Town Hall and resource storage structures, as well as strategically placed defensive structures such as archer towers and cannons. The layout should also include traps such as bomb and spring traps to slow down and damage enemy troops.

It’s also important to leave open spaces in the base to allow enemy troops to trigger traps and waste time. This layout is designed to make it as difficult as possible for enemy players to steal resources and destroy the Town Hall.

What is Clan Capital on clash of clans?

Clan capital is a new village inside Clash of clans where all the Clan members can Build a Base Together in this village and Attack together during Raid Weekend. To participate in Clan Capital, the player’s Town Hall Level must be Level- 6 Required.

  • All players can contribute their clan capital gems to upgrade this village.
  • You can get Raid Medals from here which are very useful in the game.
  • You can also craft clan capital gems inside Forge.

What Should I Upgrade First In  COC Clan Capital?

First, you should Upgrade your Capital Hall to level 2, Which is the necessary minimum requirement to participate in Raid Weekends. After this, what are the important items to upgrade first are given below:-

  • Rebuild all the Ruins which are available after upgrading the district hall.
  • First, all those things have to be given importance to upgrade which takes the least amount of Clan Capital gems.
  • The more you upgrade items in Clan Capital, the sooner you can unlock new Bases.
  • Don’t Waste clan capital gems on removing trees and other decoration items on the base.

What Happens To COC Clan Capital If You Leave?

When you leave your Clan the major changes you will see in your Account are Given Below:-

  • The Capital Contribution stats and your Reputation Level in clan capital remain the same in your profile.
  • All Clan capital gems and Raid Medals you collected from that Clan will be yours.
  • When you join a new clan, their progress will be low or even it is more than your previous Clan. You can start from there.
  • But whatever amount of Clan capital gems you have contributed to your previous clan, you will not get Back.

What Do Clan Capital Levels Do?

The Higher your District Level is, the more new districts you can unlock in Clan Capital. However, You can’t upgrade your District Hall until you Rebuild or upgrade the minimum set of buildings that it requires. The most important thing the higher the level of District Hall the more loot you get by defeating enemies’ bases.

What Would Be The Advantage of Playing Clan Capital?

Playing COC Clan Capital Gives us Raid Medals which we can use in Weekly Deals to Get lots of Potions and upgrade our village very Quickly.

You will get to see the layout links of all these bases as soon as Super Cell will provide this facility in the game.

You can tell us by commenting below how you like these bases and what kind of design you want.


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