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Clash of Clans is a free multiplayer online game, In this article, we tell you coc gameplay and some important information related to it. In this, players create their own community called a clan and they can add their other friends to it. Different types of Troops are trained and your base needs resources to develop, then you can raid other enemy player bases to get the resources.

There are 4 currencies or resources in the game, Gold, Elixir, Dark elixir, and Gems, Gems are the premium currency in the game. Gold and Elixir are used to build and upgrade defenses and Traps that protect our village from attacks from enemies. Elixir and Dark Elixir are used to upgrade troops and Spell. In the past Elixir was also used to train the troops, but now Training is free coc gameplay.

Attacks are rated on a 3-star scale and have a maximum attack time of 3 minutes. In this game, there will also be a single-player champion feature, in which the player will get to see a series of goblin bases in which a single player can attack with his army and earn Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir.

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Builders are needed to upgrade your base in this game. The game starts with two builders, but the player can buy them gems to make them up to five and you can also unlock your 6Th builder, which is the last builder ever, by meeting certain conditions in the second base Builder Hall of the game,coc Gameplay.

How To Get 6Th Builder In Clash Of Clans Fast  (COC Gameplay)

Complete the below requirements to upgrade. Once all four requirements are completed, you will unlock Master Builder’s latest invention O.T.T.O! You can unlock the O.T.T.O hut in Builder Hall 9, and to upgrade it will have to follow certain conditions as shown below image. With these, when you reach level 5, it will be maxed and with this, you will get your 6th builder, Which you can use to upgrade any of your villages,coc Gameplay.

Builder Otto 2.0
Requirement No 1:-

First, you have to upgrade your builder hall to the max level of 9. After that, you will be able to build O.T.T.O!

OTTO Bot 2.0

Requirement No 2:-

You’ll need to raise your three defenses to the maximum level to complete the Second condition. The list includes Cannon, Archer Tower, and Mortar.

Cannon Cart

Requirement No 3:-

Upgrade the Cannon Cart to max level 18, You’ll be able to unlock the cannon cart when you’ve made the builder barrack to level 7. This means that you can upgrade the defense in the village as well as upgrade the cannon cart in the laboratory.

Cart Cannon Level 30

Requirement No 4:-

Upgrade the mega tesla to level 9, Mega tesla you will get to see it in builder hall 8. You can prioritize upgrading it once you get to builder hall 8. Because this is the only condition that requires builder gold to fulfill it. Apart from this, you can use Elixir to upgrade the cannon cart and battle machine.

Level 9 Mega Tesla Require To Unlock Builder 6

Requirement No 5:-

This is probably one of the most difficult requirements because it takes a lot of Elixir to get the battle machine up to level 30. Prioritize upgrading the Cannon cart and the army troops you use in your raid first. Then you can collect more Elixir for the battle machine by easily winning Daily attacks and reaching higher leagues.

coc gameplay

Level 30 Max. Required

Archer Tower Level Up


In the beginning, players start upgrading gold and elixir collectors to get gold and elixir, which is a bad idea to upgrade things in the base. Earlier Elixir was also used to make troops. but now it is completely free. Now only it is used to upgrade troops. The gold is used to upgrade all the defensive buildings in the base and o upgrade the town hall, Which allows more buildings to be built from existing buildings. On reaching Town Hall 7, we will get to see the Third Game Currency Dark Elixir. It is used to upgrade Dark Troops in the Laboratory, and heroes such as Barbarian King, Archer Queen, and Royal Champion,coc Gameplay.

Troops & Spells

There are two types of Barracks ( Barrack and Dark barrack )  and two types of spell Factories in this game. Elixir Troops are Trained in a simple barrack whose number is War 4 and Dark troops are trained in Dark Barrack whose number is 2. But now in this latest update, their number has been reduced to one.

A similar pattern will be seen in the spell factory as well. In a normal Spell, the factory creates a spell using Elixir and in the dark spell factory, the dark elixir is used to make the spell. All troops and spells have different properties. Apart from this, the spells made by the Dark spell factory have less housing space. So you can take them more for raids than for other spells. Many new Troops and spells can be unlocked as the player progresses,coc Gameplay.

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