New Builder Hall Base Layout 2.0 Oct -2023

New Builder Hall Base Layout 10 Release Date?

As we know the new update 2.0 in the Clash of Clans builder base update in-game Clash of Clans is coming soon in the game. According to our information, we will get to see this update on the game by the end of April.

By now all the players must have maxed out their builder hall to get the 6th builder and now all the clashers are eagerly waiting for the New builder hall base layout level for a long time. However, at the time of th 15 updates, we felt that along with th 15, we might get to see a new level of builder hall. At that time we did not get to see anything like this, but now Supercell has officially announced that they are going to bring a new update of the New builder hall base layout in the game soon.

Welcome to the Clash of Clans Builder Base 2.0 rework, where Supercell developers bring a new level of tactical fun and troop abilities to the game. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the changes that they made and how they will enhance the gameplay experience. As always, they provide the best possible gaming experience to the players. Hope this time they will also make the same changes for the clashers.

So let’s know in detail in this update, what else we will get to see with the new builder hall level.

new builder hall base layout
  1. New Builder Hall Level 10
  2. Some troops have received new abilities ( Cannon Cart, Boxer Giant, and Bomber)
  3. The loot system Changed.
  4. The new look of the Battle Machine will be seen.
  5. Builder Hall New scenery.
  6. Make it easy to get the Master Builder (O.T.T.O.)

clash of clans builder base update 2.0

In this new update, the developers have added some of the things they liked earlier, letting them remain as they are. But some things that don’t look good in the game will be removed. So let’s first take a look at some of the things that they liked and would like to keep in the game.

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New builder hall base layout

The Positive Aspects of the Builder Base

So let’s first take a look at some of the things that they liked and would like to keep in the Clash of clans builder base update.

Small Tactical Fun:-

The T team and many others liked the small tactical fun of the Clash of clans Builder Base update. The small villages reminded them of the early Town Hall levels, where every troop deployment and defense placement mattered. This is a unique aspect that makes the Builder Base stand out, in coc next update 2.0.


Another positive aspect of the Builder Base is the adaptability it offers. You can switch troops in the 30-second scout, which is something many players appreciate. This feature is likely to stay.

Defense Matters:-

Defense matters in the Builder Base, which is a positive aspect. Due to the Player vs Player (PVP) nature of the Builder Base, defense is always important. In the Home Village, you may do 10 times the number of attacks, so defense feels less important. However, with the PVP nature of the Builder Base, one defense always happens when you attack.

The Negative Aspects of the Builder Base

PVP Element:-

One of the negative aspects of the Clash of clans New builder hall base layout update is the PVP element, which is being removed in coc next update 2.0 Builder Base. While players like that defense matters, they do not like the PVP element. One of the reasons for this is that it’s not very rewarding to play. You can get a 95 and lose, or a 40 attack and win, which is kind of weird. Additionally, it’s not very convenient to play. You are often waiting for your opponent, and the loot system limits you to three per day. Based on the PVP nature, you have to do an average of six attacks.

Not Fun at Higher Levels:-

The New builder hall base layout is not fun once you progress to the higher levels. There are a lot of defenses, which result in spammy-style attacks. This is not the focused tactical fun that players want to experience.

Changes in Clash Of Clans Builder Base Update 2.0

New builder hall base layout


New builder hall base layout is bringing changes to the attacking system. They want to focus on the tactical fun of the game by having fewer, stronger troops. Players can have fewer troops per slot, and they will be more heroic. One of the team’s favorites is Four Raged Barbarians in one slot. In the current Builder Base, players get five times that amount, so the Barbarian would be five times stronger.

Troop Abilities:-

Clash of clans New builder hall base layout update 2.0 will also introduce troop abilities, which are currently being tested. These abilities will allow players to intervene mid-attack since they don’t get many troops to put on the board. There are prototype gameplay and special troop abilities that the team is testing. Players will be able to trigger these abilities by pressing them like a hero ability. The team’s intention is to give each Village its unique identity. There are no spells in the Builder Base, so active trigger abilities will give it some uniqueness.

So let’s know which form has which ability and how will it work.

  • Cannon Cart:- Just as multi-mortar damages the enemies by throwing the stone in the air. Similarly, after using the cannon cart ability will now target enemies by throwing rocks in the air from a distance.
  • Boxer Giant:- After using the Boxer Giant ability it will deal heavy damage with a super punch to any item it targets.
  • Bomber:- Bomber, after using his ability, acts in the same way as Super Bowler. It throws a fire Ball that makes two bounces and goes on, breaking all the walls in its path.
New builder hall base layout

Fewer but Stronger Troops:-

Supercell has made a lot of big changes in its Clash of Clans New builder hall base layout update 2.0, out of which we have got to see some big changes on Troops as well, like Raged Barbarian, Three more troops (Boxer Giant, Cannon Cart, and Bomber) are getting abilities that will make them much stronger than before.

Also, in the new update, a supercell is slightly changing the way of attacking in the Builder hall, in which we can take only some important troops for the battle. The goal is to encourage more thoughtful troop placement and reduce spammy gameplay.

supercell team has tried various options, and our current favorite version has troops like Raged Barbarians, with only four troops per slot. This change makes the troops feel more potent, making each placement more critical.

Active Triggered Abilities:-

In this update, some troops have been given active tracker abilities, similar to the heroes in the home village. This change is to address the issue of not having much to do in battles without spells. With troop-specific active abilities, We like and feel all these things very much and this will make the gameplay more engaging and enjoyable. We believe this change will provide players with new ways to strategize and tackle their enemies.

Ability Control Scheme:-

Troops’ abilities can also be used very easily like other heroes, With just a swipe of their finger, players can trigger abilities, making the gameplay experience feel more intuitive and fun.

Increased Level of Difficulty:-

In this new Clash of clans New builder hall base layout update 2.0, we will get a little bit more difficult in the game along with the way to attack. Supercell has playtested the rework at all levels of trophy count to ensure that the difficulty feels balanced and challenging.


The Builder Base has always been a fan-favorite in Clash of Clans, offering players a focused tactical experience. However, with the Builder Base 2.0 rework, the Supercell team aimed to take this experience to the next level. The game designer, Alex, and game programmer, Simião, have been working tirelessly on this rework for several weeks now, and they’re excited to share some of the changes they have made and which we discussed earlier.


What is the Clash of clans Builder Base Update 2.0 rework?

The Builder Base 2.0 rework is a major update to the Builder Base in Clash of Clans, aimed at increasing tactical fun feeling and troop abilities in the gameplay.

Who is working on the Builder Base 2.0 rework?

The rework is being developed by the Clash of Clans game design and programming team, led by Stuart, the Clash of Clans Game Lead.

What changes are being made to the troops in the Builder Base 2.0 rework?

The troops in the Builder Base 2.0 rework will be fewer but stronger, with just 4 troops per slot. Additionally, more troops will have active triggered abilities, similar to Heroes.

Why are fewer but stronger troops being introduced in the rework?

Fewer but stronger troops are being introduced to make the gameplay less spammy and encourage more thoughtful troop placement.

What are active triggered abilities in the Builder Base 2.0 rework?

Active triggered abilities are special abilities that can be activated by the player during battles, similar to Hero abilities in the Home Village. They add more depth to the gameplay and allow players to intervene when something’s going wrong in the middle of an attack.

What is the control scheme for active triggered abilities in the rework?

The game design and programming team is still testing different control schemes for the active triggered abilities, but currently, they have settled on a control scheme that allows players to trigger the abilities manually.

When will the Builder Base 2.0 rework be released?

The release date for the Builder Base 2.0 rework has not been announced yet. But from our expectation, we will get to see this update in the next month (April). However, the Clash of Clans team has been playtesting prototypes of the rework and is working hard to ensure that it’s a great update for the players.


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