Coc New Pirate Champion Skin, November Gold Pass Reward 2022

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It’s another new season that started with amazing perks and rewards! Get the Pirate Champion (Royal Champion) Hero skin with this month’s Gold Pass! Clash Of Clan November Season 2022 All detail here.

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A new season of Clash of Clans has started in November, And we got to see the Pirate Royal Champion Skin this time Gold Pass. Inspired by Winter Season, Clashers looking forward to buying this Pirate Royal Champion Skin.

coc gold pass

Clash of Clans November 2022 Gold pass time has been seen in the game. In this, we got to see the Pirate Champion’s skin this time. The pirate hero skin has been a huge fan favorite in the previous pirate king, queen, and Warden skins, and finally this Royal Champion has got a pirate skin of his own to complete the set. In this new form of Royal champion. He is dressed as the caption of a voyage where pirates sail in his blue and gold attire, She holds up the ship’s wheel as her shield, Which she throws around as soon as her ability is invoked.

Clash of Clans November 2022 Pirate Royal Champion Gold pass skin

Supercell completes the Pirate skin set for the Gold Pass season in November with a new Royal Champion Skin. In a tweet post, Supercell had shown some of the abilities of his skin and was also told a little about it. But finally, we got this confirmation in this November season starts. Looking at this skin at first glance, this pirate champion is dressed in blue and gold which suits her perfectly, the Pirate champion spins her spear as usual and even has custom animations and sound effects when knocked down,New Pirate Champion Skin.

pirate royal champion


If you are also interested in buying this Pirate Royal Champion skin, then you can buy this skin for just Rs 449.00 Or $ 4.99. So what’s the delay now that this sale has started, go and buy the Pirate Royal Champion skin and enjoy the skin experience and share it with your friends.

Checkout Clash of Clan November 2022 Gold Pass Rewards

Gold Pass Reward List

coc Gold Pass

You can Buy this Season’s Gold Pass and you can unlock the Below Rewards.

  • Reach 40 points – Get 1 Gem Donation.
  • Reach 80 points – Get a 10% Research Boost.
  • Reach 120 points – Get a 10% Traning Boost.
  • Reach 160 points – Get 10% Builder Boost.
  • Reach 200 points – Get Bigger Season Bank.
  • Reach 260 points – Get a Builder Potion.
  • Reach 320 points – Get 2x Research potion.
  • Reach 380 points – Get Shovel of Obstacle.
  • Reach 440 points – Get Book of Fighting
  • Reach 500 Points – Get  Hero Potion.
  • Reach 580 Points – Get a Rune of Dark Elixir.
  • Reach 660 Points – Get a Bigger Season Bank.
  • Reach 740 Points – Get a Rune of Builder Gold.
  • Reach 820 Points – Get a 15% Builder Boost.
  • Reach 900 Points – Get a 15% Training Boost.
  • Reach 980 points – 15% Research Boost.
  • Reach 1060 points – Get a Book of Building
  • Reach 1140 points – Get 2x Resource Potion.
  • Reach 1220 points – Get Bigger Season Bank.
  • Reach 1300 points – Get Clock Tower Potion.
  • Reach 1400 points – Get a Rune of Gold
  • Reach 1500 points- Get a Book of spells.
  • Reach 1600 points – Get a 20% Training Boost
  • Reach 1700 points – Get a 20% Builder Boost.
  • Reach 1850 points – Get a 20% Research Boost.
  • Reach 2000 points – Get Bigger Season Bank.
  • Reach 2150 points – Get 3000 Capital Gold.
  • Reach 2300 points – Get 6x Wall Rings.
  • Reach 2450 points – Get a Rune Of Elixir
  • Reach 2600 points – Get Exclusive Hero Skin ( Pirate Champion )

Free Rewards

  • Reach 80 Points – Get 10,00,000 Builder Gold.
  • Reach 160 Points – Get Clock Tower Potion.
  • Reach 260 Points – Get a Super Potion.
  • Reach 380 Points – Get 500 Capital Gold.
  • Reach 500 Points – Get 1000 Capital Gold.
  • Reach 660  Points – Get 1000,000 Builder Elixir.
  • Reach  820 Points – Get a Power Potion.
  • Reach 980 Points – Get 1000,000 Gold
  • Reach 1140 Points – Get Hero Potion.
  • Reach 1300 Points – Get 2000,000 Gold.
  • Reach 1500 Points – Get 1500 Capital Gold.
  • Reach 1700 Points – Get 1000,000 Elixir.
  • Reach 2000 Points – Get 20,000 Dark Elixir.
  • Reach 2300 Points – Get 2000,000 Elixir.
  • Reach 2600 Points – Get Book of Heroes.

The question of many clashers is whether we should take this gold pass or not. So our advice to you is that you should take this gold pass because it is on your best valuable side. As you know, the Town Hall 15 update came out a while back with lots of building upgrades and lots of new items to add to your new village. To remove all these things as soon as possible and to add them to our base, we need Gold pass this time, which will help us a lot in doing all this. The most important items that will be seen in this Gold pass which help us more are the Book of Building, Rune of Dark Elixir, Book of Fighting, 20% Builder Boost to build fast, Book of spells, and most important thing Rune of Gold and Elixir in both villages,New Pirate Champion Skin.

So this was the Clash Of Clan November Season 2022 Rewards and how did you like this New Pirate Champion Skin, do tell us your review Below.

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