Best COC Th11 Base (**Anti 2**) 33+ Layouts

Best COC Th11 Base Defense & Replays 2023

If your base is also Town Hall 11 in Clash of Clans (coc th11 base) and you are looking for a better layout for your base then you are in the right place. Here you will find all kinds of base layouts ( War, Farming, and Raid Layout)  for your COC Th11 base in one place. We have tested all these bases for defending all types of attack strategies like ground and Air strategy and here you can get the best layout for your all other bases like Builder Hall and Clan Capital Base layouts, so let’s check out other details of coc th11 base.

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New Items Unlocked In Town Hall 11

As we know supercell gives us some new defense or new troops in every Town Hall, so let’s know what new things we will get to see in Town Hall 8. Many new items will be seen in Town Hall 8 Which are as follows:-

Super Troops:-

coc th11 base

One of the coolest things about Town Hall 11 Is that we can convert our Normal Troops into Super Troops, In Town Hall 11, super troops arrive in the game to give new powers and fantastic hair to classic troops. In order to convert your Troop into a super troop, there are also some Limitations as to the minimum level to require your normal troop inside your Laboratory. So you are able to Train the Super Troop.

To activate the super Troop Mode of any troop, a 25K Dark Elixir value have to be given and its time lasts for 3 days one important thing, you can only activate 2 super Troops at a time, Not more than these. You will be able to activate more new super troops only after their time is over.

 New Hero Grand Warden:-

coc th11 base

In Town Hall 11 We meet another new Hero in Clash of Clans, Grand Warden! It is a power unit that provides various benefits to our army, such as Increasing their damage and getting some extra hitpoints. To use this ability, it also needs to be of minimum level 5 Like other Heroes.

Its attacking circle range will also be seen around it, but when it automatically uses its ability, all our army troops inside that circle become immune for some time, the ability time Increase according to the level of this hero.

Electro Dragon:-

coc th11 base

In Town Hall 11 we will get to see a new Troop in a game called Electro Dragon, Its ability also works in the same way as its name suggests. It attacks one building and its damage affects four more buildings ahead of the chain reaction. Its housing Space is 30 and it can attack in both ground and air. However, If you like to do Air attacks in the game, then this Troop is of great use to you.

Ice Golem:-

coc th11 base

In Town Hall 11, we get to see a new Dark Troop Ice Golem, It is a moving ball of ice that freezes everything around it for 5 seconds when it dies, Its housing space is 15. you can use it in different ways You can attack it in an enemy base by taking it in your Clan Castle or if any enemy attacks our base then by taking this inside your clan castle we can freeze their Army in coc th11 base.

Eagle Artillery:-

coc th11 base

On reaching Town Hall 11, we will get to see a very powerful machine in our defense named Eagle Artillery. The Eagle Artillery has nearly unlimited range and targets tough enemies with exploding shells. However, It won’t activate until a large number of troops have been deployed In the Base.

Invisibility Spell:-

coc th11 base Invisible spell

While we know that spells have a part to play in the game, we’ve got a new spell Invisible on Town Hall 11. As its name suggests, it works as well. Like all other spells, this one also works in an area effect. In the area where you put it, it will make your army and heroes invisible for some time. The time it takes to become invisible also determines its level. The higher its level, the longer it will keep your army invisible.

Tornado Trap:-

coc th11 base tornado

This is a new trap that works like a tornado. Its area effect is 3 tiles. If any Enemy troops come in this range, then this Tornado activates and keeps them there for some time with light damage in coc th11 base.

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