Best COC Th13 Farming Base (**Anti Loot**) Designs 2023

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Top Th13 Farming Base Layout 2023

coc th13 Farming Base
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Best COC Town Hall 13 Base & Defense Replays 2023

New Items Unlocked in Town Hall 13

Many new items will be seen in Town Hall 13 Which are as follows:-


Scattershot Th13 Base

coc Town Hall 13 base introduces you to a new defense system called Scattershot, which deals splash damage with very high damage per second and a maximum number of two will be seen in the base. It can target enemies at both places, either be it on the ground or in the air No one can escape it. Where enemies are in groups, this defense is very useful. But one of its Major weaknesses is that it can target enemies only outside its minimum radius, if an enemy comes inside the minimum circle, it cannot target them, Th13 Farming Base.

Siege Barracks

th13 base siege barracks

In town hall 13, apart from the scattershot, there is another great thing to see, which is not in the defense, but inside the workshop, a new machine will be found th13 Farmng base.  Earlier we got to see 3 machines in the game and now in the coc Th13 Farming base, we have another great machine that is very useful for funneling during attacks. Another important thing is that we can also upgrade these machines inside the Laboratory with every upgrade.

They become more powerful. When the machine is released into the base during battle, it first releases a P.E.K.K.A Which level is according to the level of the machine, and after this the first level machine from behind Pekka releases 6 wizards and as the level increases, their number also increases, and when it is reached at max level, it releases 12 wizards, Th13 Farming Base.

Things what to do & what not to do in coc Town Hall 13 base

  1. As soon as you upgrade your town hall and reach town hall level 13, there are free things that are very important to update first. In this list, the New defense which is a scattershot, and the new machine which is a siege machine, have to be unlocked first. The Scattershot will be useful for defending your base and the siege machine will be useful for you to win the raid.

2.  Laboratory

If you have a building Potion after upgrading the town hall, then you should upgrade your laboratory first, Because what happens after the town hall upgrade is that we get an army boost and collector boost for a few days. This means that up to the max level of the laboratory, we get troops to use for a few days. That’s why as soon as we upgrade the laboratory, our troops will be one level upgraded and we will ab able to use them for free for a few days, at the COC Th13 Farming base.

3. New Hero Royal Champions

Royal champion Th13 base

After this, the most important thing is that in coc Town Hall 13 base we will get to see a new Hero which we have to unlock, as soon as we collect 120,000 dark elixirs, we will be able to unlock new heroes. and without losing time on upgrading the hero, we can keep it directly in our base and use it in our attack after unlocking it. We have to get it to level 5 as soon as possible because in level 5 the Hero’s ability is unlocked and it can do more damage with her ability.

The most important thing about this hero is that it only targets enemy defenses first and when it used its ability, it recovers 50% of its health, after this it knocks down 5 defenses in front of it by throwing its shield. like every other hero, the more you make it upgrade, its ability will become more powerful.

4. Storages

You have to upgrade your storage so you can collect more loot, and while you may want to upgrade some of the defenses in coc Th13 Farming base, their value is greater than your town hall 12 storage, that’s why even then you will have to upgrade your storage. Some things for which you will have to upgrade the storage are included in this list. Clan castle will be upgraded with gold, for this you will need to upgrade gold storage, and for Laboratory and Army camps which need elixir to upgrade, you will need to upgrade elixir storages to upgrade them, Th13 Farming Base.

5. Clan Castle

If you also attack a lot in the game and are fond of attacking, then clan castle is a must for you. It is very important to upgrade the clan castle to make your attack successful. When the clan castle upgrade is made, 5 more space troops can be taken into attack when clan castle upgrade. At Town Hall 12 there was a total clan castle capacity is 40, but now with the increase of five spaces, it has a capacity of 45 so now you can take one PEKKA into the attack with 5 wizards.

6. Heroes

By getting Your gold & elixir busy, You can use your Dark Elixir to upgrade your heroes like Barbarian King, Archer Queen, and Royal Champion, all these heroes are upgraded with Dark Elixir. Apart from these, Grand Wardon left. but it is upgraded with an elixir, so for this, you wait for your elixir to be free and after that, you can upgrade to Grand Warden, Th13 Farming Base.

Th 13 War Base

The first objective of War Bases is to stop enemies from getting the star. Usually, These bases are designed to contain Two or Three stars. A successful War base will be able to stop the enemy from achieving their goal and force them to launch multiple time attacks against your base, coc Town Hall 13 base.

  • Depending on the player’s success, the trophy layout can frequently serve as additional layouts in addition to being used in multiplayer attacks.
  • In reality, the only defense is typically encircled by walls, with collectors being left outside and storage being either left outside or moved inside to protect security.
  • Clan Castle is typically at the center of the base, which is challenging to access because clan castle troops, who are crucial to the base’s protection, are frequently engaged in conflict.
  • It’s crucial that you consider how you’ll assault the base you’ve made when building a war base. You can visualize which attacks your settlement will be best able to withstand by participating in friendly challenges with other clan members.

COC Town Hall 13 Farming Base

Farming Base is Designed against those multiplayer opponents who farm for their base.  You can keep a few things in mind such as the design of your base layout and how to organize your defenses and where to place your storage so that you will be able to protect your Gold, Elixir, and Dark elixir resources from theft easily Clash Of Clans Bases.

In this, you can leave your smaller resources like collectors and keep your larger resources like storages more secure, But note that you periodically collect the Gold, Elixir, and Dark from your collector’s collections, This will also go a long way in filling your coffers. A few things that are worth keeping in mind in this layout are mentioned below, Th13 Farming Base.

  • The heart of the base should house the resource storage that you want to keep the safest. Because your clan castle troops and strongest defense are typically stationed there to protect that region. The basement floor of Town Hall occasionally has this Gold and Elixir storage, however, most of the time it can be Dark Elixir storage.
  • Your secondary storage should be distributed uniformly around the main compartment. To avoid losing all of your storage at once, it would be best if you kept them in different boxes. You may decide to leave items outside your gates in order to compete with other farmers’ Clash Of Clans Bases for additional trophies, although you are not always allowed to do this, coc Town Hall 13 base.

Th13 Trophy Base

The first purpose of a trophy base layout is to protect the trophies of the player’s village. You will often defend the town hall in this as breaking it means a star and consequently trophies for the attacker.  In addition to protecting the town hall, you may also wish to stop 50% of the destruction as this is another way to do that to the stars.

Stopping 50% of the destruction in the settlement can be a bit hard as many forces are able to achieve this by attacking the least defended parts of your base that would usually be near or outside the front walls and hoping for the best will be so that more trophies can be lost. To avoid having too many trophies, however, we can set up some base layouts that can make the town hall very difficult to destroy. This allows enemies to be limited to one star, thus in most cases, COC Th13 Farming base.

  • The town hall, Clan castle, Air defense, and Air Sweepers are often kept in this’s main compartment. High-level town hall players can use the Inferno Tower, X-bow, and Eagle Artillery to defend their town halls. This implies regardless of the town hall to which you belong. A centralized town hall that keeps your town hall extremely susceptible is what you should have.
  • Between the corner of the base and the settlement, there are typical levels and a few walls. To prevent the invading enemy troops from destroying the second layer of the wall, it may have defensive structures within or be a void between the walls. Both of these techniques have the potential to be quite effective at slowing down the attacking Clash of Clans Bases.
  • Placing your resource store outside the walls in the low-mid level league will make it simple for you to win trophies. When their farming soldiers are plundered, enemies simply withdraw their forces and come back with their loot. And obtaining the trophy is simple.


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