Dark Ages Warden Challenge COC!

We have received the opportunity to see the new Dark Ages series in-game, and in this series, we were the first to see the Dark Ages Warden skin. Also, we can see the new Dark ages warden challenge coc to complete in-game. So let’s learn a little more in detail about this skin and the skins of other heroes in this series.

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Release DateSeason
April 1, 2023April 2023

Dark Ages Warden Skin

Dark ages warden challenge coc

The Dark Ages Warden skin has been made available in the 1 April 2023 Gold Pass season. Supercell has made some changes to the Gold Pass skin reward this time. Previously, we would receive the Gold Pass skin after completing the last task, but now we can obtain it after completing the first achievement.

How to get Dark Ages Warden Skin?

If you want to get this skin now, you can purchase the April month’s Gold Pass and receive the skin along with many essential potions that will help you upgrade your village in April.

Price Indian Currency
$ 6.00 Rs. 449.00

How to get Dark Ages Warden Skin for Free?

If you do not want to buy the Gold Pass but still want this skin, you will have to wait for a year, and then the skin will be added to the In-game store, and you can purchase it for 1500 gems.

In- Game Currency

1500 Gems

April Month Gold Pass Reward List

april month 2023 gold pass reward list
april month 2023 gold pass reward list 2

Dark Ages Warden Challenge COC

A new hero skin series called “Dark Ages” has been introduced in the game, along with a Dark Ages Warden challenge coc. If you complete the challenge yourself, It may take you a little longer time to complete it and after completing this challenge you will receive a reward of 400 XP, 25 gems, and 1 resource potion. But if you want to complete it on your first attempt without wasting time, you can watch the video below.


Dark Ages King Skin

Dark ages king hero skin in clash of clans
1.Release DateMay2023
3.Price ₹ 449.0Indian currency
4.Season1 May2023

Dark Ages Queen Skin

Dark ages queen skin in clash of clans
1.Release DateJune2023
3.Price ₹ 449.0Indian currency
4.Season1 june2023

Dark Ages Royal Champion Skin

Dark ages royal skin in clash of clans
1.Release DateJuly2023
3.Price ₹ 449.0Indian currency
4.Season1 July2023


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Dark Ages Warden Challenge COC is a document title that pertains to a formal and time-sensitive challenge. For a comprehensive guide on completing the challenge efficiently, refer to the video linked below. Additionally, the text mentions the Dark Ages Queen Skin and Dark Ages Royal Champion Skin as keywords. To explore related topics, you can find information on obtaining more Raid Medals, acquiring the 6th builder in two weeks, and leveling up your base with the best tips and strategies.

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