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how to change name of clash of clans

Changing your name in Clash of Clans involves a simple process, but there are some key things to know How to change name of Clash of Clans before you do:

How To Change Name Of Clash Of Clans:

To change your Clash of Clans name, reach Town Hall level 5 and delve into settings. Tap “More Settings” and then “Change Name.” If it’s your first change, enjoy it for free! Enter your desired new name twice, confirm, and Boom!, you’re renamed. Subsequent changes cost Gems, so pick wisely!

  1. Tap the Settings icon (gear in the bottom right corner).
  2. Tap “More Settings” at the bottom right.
  3. Tap “Change Name.”
  4. Enter your new desired name. Make sure it:
    • Doesn’t use any special characters (like emojis).
    • Is appropriate and follows Supercell’s naming guidelines.
  5. Confirm the name again.
  6. If it’s your first name change, tap “Continue”. Otherwise, pay the required amount of Gems.
  7. Type “CONFIRM” in all caps and tap “OK”.
How to change name of clash of clans


  • Your Town Hall must be at least level 5.
  • Your first name change is free.
  • Subsequent name changes cost increasing amounts of Gems.

Additional Information:

  • You cannot change your name back to a previously used one.
  • Name changes can take up to a few minutes to process.
  • If you encounter any issues, contact Supercell Support.

Cost of Subsequent Name Changes:

coc change name first time
  • Second name change: 500 Gems
  • Third name change: 1000 Gems
  • Each subsequent change increases by 500 Gems


  • Choose your new name wisely, as changing it again becomes increasingly expensive.
  • Consider using a name related to your clan or playstyle.
  • Make sure your name is appropriate and in line with Supercell’s guidelines.


Q: Can You Change Your Name in Clash of Clans?

Yes, you can change your name in Clash of Clans, but with some specific conditions:

First-time change:

  • Free! You can change your name for the first time without any cost.
  • Town Hall Level 5 Requirement: This feature unlocks when your Town Hall reaches level 5.

Q: How much does it cost to change your name in Clash of Clans?

  • First name change: Free
  • Second name change: 500 Gems
  • Third name change: 1000 Gems
  • Subsequent changes: Increase by 500 Gems each time

Q: Why can’t I change my Supercell name?

There are several reasons why you might be unable to change your name:

  • Town Hall level: You need to reach at least Town Hall level 5 to unlock the name change feature.
  • Invalid characters: Your chosen name might contain special characters not allowed by Supercell.
  • Inappropriate name: Your chosen name violates Supercell’s naming guidelines (offensive, discriminatory, etc.).
  • Technical issues: Occasionally, temporary server issues can inhibit name changes.

Q: How many times can you change your name in Clash of Clans (COC)?

  • Unlimited: You can change your name as many times as you like as long as you have enough Gems for subsequent changes.

Q: How do I change my clan name in Clash Royale (2023)?

  • Only leaders can change the clan name.
  • Leaders access the “Edit Clan” settings (shield icon) and tap “Change Name.”
  • New name must follow Supercell’s guidelines.
  • Name change costs 100 Gems.

Now you know all about how to change name of clash of clans and Remember, choose your name wisely, as changing it again becomes increasingly expensive! Be sure to adhere to Supercell’s guidelines and choose something appropriate and fitting for your Clash of Clans persona.

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