How To Level Up Your Clan In Clash Of Clans 5 Strategy 2024

Here, We will show you how to level up your clan in clash of Clans super fast. If you New or existing player of CoC then you must know how had it to build a clan and upgrade it. Now we are going to show you some fantastic strategies so you can upgrade your TH to the next level.

There are a total 2 types of Players in COC

  1. New Players
  2. Old Players

First, we are going to show the strategies for the new players. We are going to make suitable strategies for new players so it will be easy and fast to upgrade the new Town Hall.

Level up your clan
Level up your clan

How to Rapid Level UP Your Clan –  New Players?

For new players, it is easy to level up in the game. There are all small upgrades done in less time. Now follow These steps as I show you Now matter which TH You on The Strategy will work on every Town Hall.

  • Now the first thing you will do is free up all 5 builders. Complete the achievements to get gems and also clear your ground removing trees bushes and all. By removing you will get Gems & make sure you don’t use any gems before you free up all builders.
  • Now you need to focus on your storage, Make sure you upgrade your gold and elixir + dark elixir storages. by doing so you will have enough storage to upgrade your TH.
  • Make sure you rush the TH to Level 10. Do not upgrade the defense now. First focus on Upgrading the TH and upgrading the Storage.
  • Now in order to upgrade you need gold and an elixir. Now how to get the gold and elixir easily. It’s now hard its all smile and easy process. All you need to form an army and use the attack as I show you.
  • This is the army for loot – Goblins + Giants + Wall Breaker. How many? It depends upon your Camp and how much capacity you have. For eg., if you have 100 troops capacity for troops, then you make 20 wall breakers, 10 Giants, and 30 Goblins. Now use this army for the loot with 1 star so you don’t lose any trophies. you can increase the troops around to the camp capacity.
  • How to deploy the loot army  –  First make sure you choose the enemy clan that has all the loot outside in the collectors. Now. First Deploy one giant when the giant reaches the defense then deploy the 3 goblins so they can loot the collectors. Now repeat this on every collector. you can make 50% damage and win 1 start. Now sometimes collector and protected by the walls. You can deploy the giants first then behind them wall breaker then goblins. Wall breakers will destroy the walls and it will be easy to loot, this is the fastest army you can make.
  • Moreover, there are many events from time to time + including clan wars and capital raid weekends. With this, you will receive silver medals & gold medals + events rewards. you can buy various types of potions like builder potions and research potions + Bulders hammers.
  • Therefore, research lab. don’t require any builder so you can upgrade any troop and use the research potion to finish the troops fast. research potion reduces 1 day of timing to 1 hour.
  • Builder Potion work 10X fast for 1 hour.

Most Important is that keep on checking on your clan if you are new because, in the new clan, the timing of the upgrade is very low less than 1 hour. So don’t keep your builder free. free your 6th builder. ↓

How To Free 6th Builder Fast? 

How to Level UP Your Clan – Old Players?

Here, Existing players can level up fast as possible with some simple strategies. I have been playing CoC for the last 6 years. I have some experience of how to do the rapid growth of the clan.

Existing Players have already unlocked there all 5 builders in the home village and also the builder village builder if not you know what to do There is a link Upward check out the Article on how to free the 6th builder.

Now in order to level up fast in your clan follow this strategy –

1 –  The main problems players face in high-level town hall id Gold and elixir. There are huge amounts for upgrades. Now first solve the loot problem.  There are different types of armies that require what kind of attack you will do for eg.

  • Best Loot Army (1 star)
  • Army To increase Trophies to level up ( 2 or 3 stars)
  • War Army (3 stars)
  • Capital Base Army (6 attacks)
  • Builder Base Army

I have only Added the loot army because this army is best for leveling up any TH.

If you have TH9 then this is the best Attack Strategy for 3 Stars.

Install APK PlayStore 

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2 – However, Players get many types of rewards when they participate in clan wars + capital wars + Monthy week clan war is where you will get the max, gold medals. and in the capital war, you will get silver medals. Also, complete the event where you will also get various types of potions and rewards.

3 – The main potion is the research potion and builder Potion and hammers. With this, you can boose your builder 10x faster and research potion will reduce your upgrade time. In order to get all these medals you need to join any clan. You can also form a clan. and with hammers, you can finish the upgrade in instant.

4 –  If you haven’t unlocked your 6th builder I suggest you use your Hero hammers on Builder Machine with this you can unlock your 6th builder. Or you can use them on any hero.

5   When Players want to attack war they can use the boost troops’ potion. with this, you can get 3 stars and get even more gold medals.

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