A New Troop: The Apprentice Warden in Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans players, get ready for an exciting update! Supercell is introducing a brand-new troop called the Apprentice Warden to the game. This powerful troop can be unlocked at Town Hall 13 by upgrading your Dark Barracks to level 10. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about the new troop Apprentice Warden, from unlocking it to understanding its advantages and using it in battle strategies.

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1. New Troop Apprentice Warden In New Update!

apprentice warden stats

Clash of Clans continues to captivate players with its regular updates and new features. The latest addition to the game is the new troop Apprentice Warden, a troop that brings fresh excitement to Town Hall 13 and beyond. Let’s dive into the details of this new troop and how it can enhance your Clash of Clans experience.

2. Unlocking the Apprentice Warden: Upgrading the Dark Barracks to Level 10

apprentice warden dark barrack level required

To gain access to the new troop Apprentice Warden, players must upgrade their Dark Barracks to level 10. This upgrade unlocks the ability to train this powerful troop and adds a new dimension to your army composition. Upgrading buildings is a common aspect of Clash of Clans, and the Dark Barracks upgrade offers a worthy reward.

3. Cost and Time Investment: Elixir Cost and Upgrade Duration

apprentice warden finish upgrade time

Obtaining the new troop Apprentice Warden requires a significant investment of resources. The upgrade to level 10 Dark Barracks will cost you 13 million Elixir. Additionally, the upgrade process takes 13 days without any Gold Pass perks. To expedite the process, using a Book of Building is highly recommended, as it reduces the upgrade time and allows you to unlock new troop Apprentice Warden sooner.

4. Benefits of Using the Book of Building

While upgrading your Dark Barracks to level 10, using a Book of Building can prove advantageous. Training troops take twice as long during the upgrade, making it crucial to maximize your efficiency. By utilizing a Book of Building, you can save time, speed up the process, and ensure a seamless transition as you integrate the Apprentice Warden into your Clash of Clans gameplay.

5. Donating the Apprentice Warden to Town Hall 11 and Above

apprentice warden with blimp

Once you unlock the new troop Apprentice Warden at Town Hall 13, you have the opportunity to donate this troop to players with Town Hall 11 and above. This feature allows you to share the power of the Apprentice Warden with your fellow clan members, even if they haven’t reached Town Hall 13 yet. It’s a great way to support your clanmates and strengthen your overall defense and attack strategies.

6. Upgrading the Apprentice Warden: Laboratory and Town Hall Requirements

apprentice warden level 2
apprentice warden level 3

apprentice warden level 4

Once you have unlocked the Apprentice Warden, the journey doesn’t end there. To maximize its potential, you’ll need to invest in its upgrades. At Town Hall 14, you can upgrade the Apprentice Warden to level 3, and at Town Hall 15, you can reach its maximum level of 4. Upgrading the new troop Apprentice Warden in the Laboratory requires the necessary resources and time, but the benefits are worth it for those seeking a formidable force on the battlefield.

7. The Advantages of the Apprentice Warden over the Regular Warden

advantage of new troop apprentice warden

The Apprentice Warden brings several advantages when compared to its regular counterpart, the Warden. With 215 damage per second and a 30% increase in Aura HP, the Apprentice Warden boasts higher offensive capabilities and enhanced survivability. While the regular Warden has a cap on its hit points at 575, the Apprentice Warden has no such limit, making it a more resilient option. These advantages make the Apprentice Warden a valuable asset in both offense and defense strategies.

8. The New War Arena Scenery and League Hero Skins

new legendry league shop

Alongside the introduction of the Apprentice Warden, Clash of Clans players will also enjoy the addition of the War Arena scenery. This exciting feature immerses you in the thrilling atmosphere of battle, with troops cheering you on during your attacks. Access to the War Arena scenery is possible through Clan War League medals. Furthermore, the update includes League Hero skins for the Titan Barbarian King, Champion Archer Queen, Crystal Grand Warden, and Master Royal Champion. These skins can be selected in the new hero skin selection screen, which showcases the range of customization options available to players.

9. Analyzing the Stats of the Apprentice Warden

Let’s delve deeper into the statistics of the Apprentice Warden. With its impressive damage output of 215 per second and the Aura HP increase of 30%, it significantly strengthens your troops’ offensive and defensive capabilities. Comparatively, the regular Warden has a cap of 575 hit points, while the Apprentice Warden has no such limit. This gives the Apprentice Warden a considerable advantage in terms of durability and endurance on the battlefield.

10. Comparisons with the Regular Warden and Other Troops

To understand the true potential of the Apprentice Warden, it’s important to compare it with the regular Warden and other troops. During testing, we combined the Apprentice Warden with a wizard and the Barbarian King to match the damage output. The results were impressive, with the Apprentice Warden showcasing a significantly longer range compared to the regular Warden. Its increased hit points and damage make it a force to be reckoned with.

11. Understanding the Aura and Its Effects on Troops

The Apprentice Warden possesses an Aura that provides a boost to nearby troops. It’s crucial to understand how this Aura functions to optimize your army composition. It’s important to note that the Aura does not stack, meaning that regardless of the number of Apprentice Wardens you have, the Aura HP increase remains the same. Additionally, the Apprentice Warden’s Aura does not stack with the regular Warden’s Aura. However, troops in the vicinity will receive the highest boost available, whether it’s from the Apprentice Warden or the regular Warden. It’s essential to consider this when planning your attack or defense strategies.

12. Strategic Use Cases for the Apprentice Warden

To make the most of the Apprentice Warden’s unique abilities, it’s essential to consider its strategic applications. Here are three primary use cases where the Apprentice Warden shines:

apprentice warden with queen charge
  1. Queen Charge Enhancement: The Apprentice Warden can be a valuable asset in a Queen Charge strategy. Not only does the Aura boost the Archer Queen’s hit points, but it also affects the healing received from Healers. This can provide an extra second or two for reaction time when the Queen is charging toward a significant defense. However, it’s important to note that if the Queen charges into an area with high damage output, the increased hit points may trigger the defensive ability prematurely.
  2. Battle Blimp Support: When utilizing the Blizzard strategy with Super Wizards inside the Battle Blimp, the Apprentice Warden can play a crucial role. Typically, you cannot land the Blimp on top of a Bomb Tower, as the Super Wizards lack the hit points to survive the explosion. However, with the Apprentice Warden accompanying them, they can withstand the blast. This allows for more precise placement of the Battle Blimp and enhances the effectiveness of the Blizzard attack.
  3. Combining with the Barbarian King: The Apprentice Warden works exceptionally well alongside the Barbarian King in diving into a specific area of the enemy base. This is particularly effective when combined with additional units, such as Siege Barracks and Witches. The increased hit points not only benefitted the Barbarian King but also bolster the P.E.K.K.A. from the Siege Barracks and any accompanying Witches. This combination maximizes the Aura’s boost and creates a formidable force to overcome enemy defenses.

13. Considerations and Possible Trade-Offs

While the Apprentice Warden brings numerous advantages to the battlefield, it’s essential to consider the trade-offs and potential drawbacks. One major consideration is the 20 housing spaces that the Apprentice Warden occupies. This limits the number of other troops you can bring into battle. It’s crucial to assess whether the benefits of the Apprentice Warden outweigh the value of additional troops or support units.


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