How Unlock OTTO Builder Easy 2024

The new update dropped out of the clash of clans. The OTTO will be upgraded to a new builder base OTTO 2.0. Further updates will bring more challenges to the game.

Man crashes finish the present builder base with all max. upgrade now there is no use of the builder base. So the coc. Bring a newly updated builder base.

Get More Gold And Elixer (Defending & Attacking)

Before coc only gave gold and elixir rewards on attacking if you win on versus battle. Now on the new update players can get the reward on defense. Now it will be easy to fill the storage. Also, get new building updates it will be fun to play in Builder village. Install Now

  1. Attacking will get you gold.
  2. Defending will get you an elixir.

Players will get a star bonus and defending and attacking loot.

2 Builder Will Unlock On Builder Village


Now there will be 2 builders in the builder village. The 2nd builder will be Bot 2.0. The OTTO bot 2.0 will be unlocked on the BH6. The bit will help out the builder in the home village.

The Balancing Otto Bot 2.0

the previous player works so hard to unlock the builder it will be unfair to unlock the builder for new users too soon. Do not worry this not gonna happen. The coc team thought of that and balance the builder. You have to unlock and do many upgrades for the new builder to join the home village upgrade.

When will OTTO Bot 2.0 builder be available?

The new update will be available this year. The update comes on April 10th, 2023. It will take a few months to implement the builder on update and balance out the game.

The new builder looks like a bot in disguise the main builder will help out the previous builder in the upgrade.

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