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Top Th 15 War Base Update Now!

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Best Th15 War Base Defense Replays 2023

If you want to make your COC Th 15 War Base Layout defense and you are looking for the best base layout for that then you are in the right place. We have presented you here by testing all the base layouts here and they have been liked by maximum all clashers. Here you will get all bases with their Copy th 15 war Base Layout which you can easily make your base layout with one click, and in this article, You will get to know not only the base layout but all the important things related to Town Hall 15, which you can know below.

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COC Th 15 War Base doesn’t have any unique defense weapon of its own. It has been upgraded several times to make its Giga Inferno even more powerful than before, and this time also the same will be seen in Th 15 war base.

Th 15 New Defenses Monolith & Spell Tower

Town Hall 15 will have two absolutely new spell tower defense systems as soon as it is upgraded. The defense system will not be seen exactly the same as before. In the Town Hall 15 update, we will see two Magical spell towers in the defense system.

Th 15 war base

Spell Tower

As we level up the spell tower, we can unlock its new abilities. It can be upgraded up to a maximum level of 3, with the first level being Rage Spell, This spell tower will cast a rage spell to boost nearby defenses and units and increase their strength. The Second level Is Poison Spell, In the second level, allows you to set up a spell tower to start throwing poison spells at nearby enemy troops, and finally, the Invisible Spell ability In level 3 allows the temporary concealment of nearby defense units and buildings.

In Town Hall 15, you can have 2 spell towers in your home village.


This can be called tank killing defense, It is made and upgraded with dark elixir. Its presence in the base is also seen at par with Eagle Artillery, But it only targets a single enemy Troop or hero. It is very effective at causing damage to invading forces, without any doubt about its effectiveness. However, Monolith will deal with a base-level amount of percentage loss. Each type of attack also deals extra damage based on a percentage of the maximum health points of its target. Thereby making the Monolith a credibly dangerous machine against high HP units such as Tank and Heros in COC Th 15 War Base Layout.

New Electro Titan Troop

Th 15 war base

A new troop has been added to the game called Eletro Titan, which you can unlock at Town Hall level 14 and add to your army. Its clenched fists and twinkling eyes aren’t only meant to illuminate its surroundings, but the Electro Titan also strikes animosity with short-range whips that can target both ground and air units. However, he has a special ability to wreak down all enemies around him which makes him even more dangerous. Electro Titan emits an area-of-effect aura, which continuously damages all defense or enemy troops within this range, whether on the ground or in the air. It also damages the defenses within its aura by ignoring walls and works best in Th 15 war base.


  1. Favorite Target = Any
  2. Targets = ground & air
  3. Training Time = 6 Min.
  4. Housing Space = 32

New Siege Machine ‘ Battle Drill’

Th 15 war base

The Battle Drill becomes available when your Siege Machine reaches level 7. It’s a clever invention by the goblins that burrows underground and heads straight for the nearest defense. Once it arrives, it pops up, stuns for 2 seconds, and destroys the defense with its powerful drill.

  1. Favorite Target = Defenses
  2. Damage Type = Single Target
  3. Targets = Ground
  4. Training Time = 20m
  5. Best Combo = with Royal Champion

New Spell ‘Recall Spell’

After this spell has come into the game, now the way of attacking has changed completely. You can unlock it in town hall level 13, Recall spell is a powerful new way to deploy your troops. When the Recall spell is used, it removes units from the battlefield to the extent of their capacity and you can deploy them somewhere in between as per your choice. Whether it is to protect your troops from deadly enemy defenses or to send units into battle from any other position. Units recalled from the recall spell can be deployed anywhere as a group.

The amount of units that can be recalled is determined by the limit on housings at each level of the initiative. Troops, Hero, and Hero’s Pets can all be recalled by this initiative. Where heroes count as 25 housing spaces and hero pets count as 20 Housing spaces.
When you use this spell, It gives priority to those things that are of higher housing space level, and those who are deployed first in the base, pick them up sequentially one most important note, Any recalled units that remain undeployed at the end of the battle will disappear in COC Th 15 War Base Layout.

  1. Target = Any Troops, Hero, and pets ( Ground & Air )
  2. Housing Space = 2
  3. Training Time = 6m

New Hero’s Pets

COC TH15 New Pets


You can unlock this at Pet Shop level 5, Its Special ability is that it throws snowballs and slows down whoever it targets. Whether it is enemy troops, heroes, or enemy defense buildings.

  1. Damage deals = Within 4.5 tiles of Hero
  2. Damage type = Single Target (slows down)
  3. Target = Both Ground & Air


You can unlock this at Pet Shop level 6, All pets have their own unique abilities, but this pet ability is the most impressive of all. It looks like a shy, but it goes underground next to the hero and attacks nearby defenses to stun them for 2 seconds. Which protects the hero from being targeted by the enemy and helps a lot in killing them easily by his hero or army in COC Th 15 War Base Layout.

  1. Favorite Target = Hero’s Target ( It also targets objects targeted by its hero)
  2. Damage Type = Single Target
  3. Target = Ground
  4. Best Combo = Royal Champion

Poison Lizard

You can get it at level 7 in the Pet shop. You can also imagine Poison Lizard as your hero’s personal head hunter bodyguard. It spews toxic chemicals in the form of a lightning-fast attack that poisons and slows down defending soldiers. This poison Lizard assists its hero in attacking target buildings if no enemy units are around it. Its slowdown effect does not affect enemy buildings. we know it’s ‘venom’ but we think ‘poison’ sounds Better.

  1. Favorite Target = Heroes and Troops
  2. Damage Type = Single Target
  3. Targets = Ground & Air


Finally, this Phonix is found in pet shop level 8. At first glance, it may seem like an insignificant egg that follows your hero around. Phoenix emerges as an angry fiery winged friend when his hero is about to be knocked out. Its special ability is that it regenerates itself and its hero with a temporary shield of invulnerability for a temporary time period and engages nearby enemies in COC Th 15 War Base.

  1. Favorite Target = Heroes Target
  2. Damage Type = Area Splash
  3. Targets = Ground & Air
  4. Movement Speed = 16

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