Unlock 7th Builder OTTO BOT 2.0 Upgrade

New builder otto 2.0 is about to get unlocked in coc. This is the biggest update of the year so far. Now coc is bringing a new builder into the game. The official update was released on march 10th 2023.


With the new update, the builder comes with many other features in the game. The game needs to balance out in every way. So coc also gives a major update on how this will balance out the game.

There are many concerns among the players. those who work hard to upgrade the builder village and unlock the 6th builder in the game. The Other builder is an OTTO Bot 2.0 that will help the builder with upgrades. The new builder will be unlocked on BH6 for those who already upgrade the builder village the 7th builder will be unlocked for them. However, there will be many upgrades you have to finish before you can move the new builder to the home village.

The 7th Builder Update OTTO BOT 2.0

  1. Attacking and defense give rewards.
  2. Start bonus also available.
  3. Attacking gives Gold and defense you get an elixir.
  4. OTTO BOT 2.0 is a bot-type builder. can move into the home village.
  5. The new builder will unlock on BH6.

When Will the 7th Builder OTTO BOT 2.0 BUILDER Be unlocked?

The new update on android and IOS will be available next month. The launch of the new builder is finished. The exact date is not available at the moment but it is scheduled for next month.

The builder will unlock on the BH6 moreover there are many updates that need to complete before you can unlock the builder just like the 6th builder.

There are some conditions applied to the new builder with limited work. However, the new builder also moves from one village to another.

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