Best! COC Attack Strategy For Every Town Hall

Best COC Attack Strategy For TH 9

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1. COC Attack Strategy:- Dragon Attack

best coc attack strategy

The best plan for Town Hall 9 is to use an air attack strategy with dragons. This strategy is explained in the first list and requires lots of practice to master. Once you become good at it, you can beat any other base and get three stars easily. That’s why we call it the best attack strategy for Town Hall 9 in the game Clash of Clans.

Town Hall 9 doesn’t have any special abilities to defend itself or attack our army, which is good for us. This means we can start our attack strategy from any direction and not worry about the Town Hall.

Army Build:-

  • 8 dragons
  • 1 lava hound
  • 2 balloons
  • 6 lightning spells ( If 2 air defenses are close otherwise use 2 earthquake spells with 6 lightning)
  • 1 rage spell
  • 1 Freeze Spell
  • In Clan Castle:- ( Dragon Rider and 1 Earth Quack Spell)

This strategy is useful for a base in which objects are placed at a distance. You can adjust the number of troops according to your army space.

2. Best COC Attack Strategy:- The Classic Witch Slap

coc attack strategy

The second strategy on our list is called Witch Strategy, which is a Ground Attack strategy. It works well for Town Hall 9 because there are not many defenses that can cause damage in a wide area, like the Scattershot and Multi Inferno. This strategy involves using three golems and lots of witches and requires bringing the whole army inside the enemy base by creating a funnel. This makes it a great strategy for all types of Town Hall 9 bases and is considered the best Coc attack strategy.

Army Build:-

  • 3 Golems.
  • 9 Witches.
  • 6 wall breakers.
  • 2 Wizards.
  • 4 Earthquake spell.
  • 1 Freez Spell.
  • 2 Jump Spell
  • In Clan Castle:- ( 5 Bowlers and 1 Poison spell )

You can adjust the number of troops and Spells according to your army space.

3. COC Attack Strategy:- LavaLoons

coc attack strategy

The LavaLoon strategy is a strong way to attack enemies. It works by using Lava Hounds and Balloons. The Lava Hounds distract the enemy’s defenses, while the Balloons cause a lot of damage to the enemy’s buildings.

To use the LavaLoon strategy, players first send in the Lava Hounds to distract the enemy’s defenses. Then, send in Balloons to attack the enemy’s buildings. Players may also use some other troops, like minions or archers, to defeat any remaining enemy units.

Army Build:-

  • 21 Balloons.
  • 3 Lavahounds.
  • 10 Minions (For Clearance)
  • 2 Rage Spells.
  • 2 Freeze Spell.
  • 3 Haste Spells.
  • In Clan Castle:- ( Lavahound & poison spell max )

You can adjust the number of troops and Spells according to your army space.

The Hog Rider Strategy

The Hog Rider strategy is one of the most popular and effective attack strategies in Clash of Clans. It involves using Hog Riders to target the enemy’s defenses and clear the path for other troops. Hog Riders are fast, strong, and can jump over walls, making them perfect for quickly taking down enemy defenses.

To execute the Hog Rider strategy, players should first use a few Hog Riders to lure out any Clan Castle troops. Once the Clan Castle troops have been dealt with, players can send in a larger group of Hog Riders to take down the enemy’s defenses. Players should also use some support troops, such as archers or wizards, to provide cover fire for the Hog Riders.

The Queen Walk Strategy

The Queen Walk strategy is another effective attack strategy in Clash of Clans. It involves using the Archer Queen to clear the way for other troops. The Archer Queen is a powerful unit that can take down enemy defenses quickly, making her an excellent choice for this strategy.

To execute the Queen Walk strategy, players should send in the Archer Queen with some support troops, such as healers, to provide cover fire. The Archer Queen can take out enemy defenses while the healers keep her alive. Once the Archer Queen has cleared the path, players can send in other troops, such as Hog Riders or Giants, to finish off the enemy’s defenses.

The GoWiPe Strategy

The GoWiPe strategy is a powerful attack strategy that involves using Golems, Wizards, and Pekkas to take down the enemy’s defenses. Golems are used as a distraction to draw the enemy’s fire away from the Wizards and Pekkas, who can deal massive damage to the enemy’s defenses.

To execute the GoWiPe strategy, players should send in the Golems first to draw the enemy’s fire. Once the Golems have taken enough damage, players should send in the Wizards and Pekkas to deal damage to the enemy’s defenses. Players should also use some support troops, such as archers or barbarians, to take out any remaining enemy units.

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