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Best COC Th10 Base Defense & Replays

If your base is also Town Hall 10 in Clash of Clans (coc th10 base) and you are looking for a better layout for your base then you are in the right place. Here you will find all kinds of base layouts ( War, Farming, and Raid Layout)  for your COC Th10 base in one place. We have tested all these bases for defending all types of attack strategies like ground and Air strategy and also here you can get the best layout for all your other bases like Builder Hall and Clan Capital Base layouts, so let’s check out other details of coc th10 base.

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New Items Unlocked In Town Hall 10

On every Town Hall, we upgrade, we get to see something new. Then whether he is in the Troop or in the defense, let us know, what new items have we found in Town Hall 10.


coc th10 base miner
coc th10 base

In Town Hall 10 we will get to see a New Elixir Troop in a game called Miner. This is a ground troop and it only targets ground items. It works like its name, where you drop it, it goes underground toward the nearest items and damages those items by exiting there. when it is underground then no damage is done to the miner. Now in the game, its updated version has been added called Super Miner, who leaves the bomb there after death and he breaks that building.


coc th10 base bowler
coc th10 base

In Town Hall 10 (coc th10 base), we will get to see another new Troop in the Dark Barrack, named Bowler. It is also a ground troop and attacks only on the ground. His attack weapon is a stone ball, which it throws at the things near it and damages them. when it is lever 4 in the laboratory, its upgrade version Super Bowler will be unlocked.

Clone Spell:-

coc th10 base clone spell

In Town Hall 10 (coc th10 base), we get to see another new spell inside the Normal spell factory, called Clone Spell. Its storage capacity is 3 which is the highest compared to other spells. The troops on which you will throw this spell, will make a copy of it and stand ready at that place to fight. How many troops will this spell clone? It depends on the spell, and what level of spell is it, The more you upgrade the spell, its cloning capacity will increase equally.

One special thing to note is that it is used only on troops. You cannot use it on heroes, You will not get any benefit by doing this.

Bat Spell:-

coc th10 base

Along with all these new things, you will get to see another spell in the Dark Spell Factory in Town Hall 10 called Bat Spell. As the name of this spell, it also works in the same way. It only targets enemy defenses, wherever you leave it in the base, it will spawn bats from there and go straight to attack the defense. There higher the laver of this spell, The more bats it will spawn. It can be used well against all single-target defenses (coc th10 base).

COC TH10 – Inferno Tower 

coc th10 base
coc th10 base

Single Inferno                                                                         Multi Inferno

The new defense we are getting to see in Town Hall 10 is the Inferno Tower (coc th10 base), which is a very powerful defense. You can set it in single or multiple targets. when you set in multiple targets, it keeps on causing damage to all the troops equally but when it is set to single, it damages a single defense for a while and then drains that troop’s health at a rapid rate.

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