Best Town Hall 9 Base Layouts 2023 | Update Now!

Best COC Town Hall 9 Base Layout 2023

If your base is Town Hall 9 and you are looking for a great layout for your base in this new year, then you are in the right place. Here you will find all kinds of base layouts ( War, Farming, and Raid Layout)  for your COC Th9 base in one place. COC Town Hall 9 base is a turning point in the game from where you join the big town hall status. With this, many things will change in attacking and defending your base from here.

By solving all these problems, we have brought the best base layouts for you here so that you will not have to worry about defending your base. All the Layouts that we have brought there for you, have been brought for you only after testing them thoroughly. whether you need a Farming base or a War Base you will find it all in one place.

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New Items Unlocked In Town Hall 9

On every Town Hall, we upgrade, we get to see something new. Then whether he is in the Troop or in the defense, let us know, what new items have we found in Town Hall 19. On COC Town Hall 9 base you will get more new skulls, more new skills, and more fun!

New Hero Archer Queen

coc town hall 9 base

At the beginning of the game, we got to unlock the archer troop. Now we have got to see the upgraded version of the archer in COC Town Hall 9 base known as Archer Queen, which is our second new hero in-game. To unlock it, we need 10,000 Dark Elixir. Its attack weapon is an X-bow that releases 3 rapid arrows per shot and just like other heroes, you have to be level- 5 to unlock its abilities.

The more you do Upgrade this hero, the more benefits it will give you later on high bases. If you do ground attack strategy, then this hero proves to be very successful with the queen walk strategy.

Baby Dragon

coc town hall 9 base
coc town hall 9 base

Baby Dragon is the new troop we get in the Elixir Barrack at COC Town Hall 9 base is our 11th troop in game. It is an air troop, but it is capable to attack air as well as ground. Its special ability only works when it is alone, when its Tantram ability is on, it attacks fast and does double damage to enemy and other things. with this, you can also use it in the corner to funneling the base while attacking.

When you reach it’s level 6, you can unlock its upgraded version Super Troop which is Inferno Dragon. To use to every time, you will have to pay a cost of 25K Drak Elixir and its time lasts for 3 days.


coc Town hall 9 base
super witch wallpaper

The other New Troop we get to unlock on the COC Town Hall 9 base is dark troop called The Witch. Its housing space is 14 and it spawns skeletons and both attack items near them. The higher the level of the witch, that many skeletons it can spawn.

When you make it to level-5 then we will also get to see an upgraded version of it called as Super Witch. To use the Super witch, you will have to pay a cost of 25K Dark Elixir Like every other super troop time, and when we use super troop its housing space increases from 14 to 40. 

Lava Hound

COC Town Hall 9 Base
Ice hound wallpaper

This is another Dark Troop that we got to see in Town Hall 9. To unlock it, we have to upgrade your Dark Barrack to level 6. It is a flying troop that has high hit points (like Golem) and deals low damage. You will drop it anywhere in the base. It targets only air defenses in the entire base first after that, he targets other nearby defenses. It works very well on air attack strategies.

It will also get to see its own super troop form in its updated version called Ice Hound. To use it, you have to level-5 your lava hound and like all super troops it can also be used with 25K Dark Elixir Cost.

Jump Spell

coc town hall 9 base
Town Hall 9 Jump Spell

The new spell we are getting to see in Town Hall 9 is Jump Spell. If you like to do ground attack strategy then this spell is no less than a boon for you. Walls create a barrier for troops to enter the base when performing ground attacks. This spell is used on walls, by using this, you can get your entire army to enter the base directly over the walls without breaking them.

Freeze Spell

coc town hall 9 base
Town Hall 9 Freeze Spell

The Second spell we see in the town hall is also an Elixir spell called Freeze Spell. It will freeze everything in the area in which you use this spell. The freezing depends on the level of the spell, The higher the level of the spell, the longer it will freeze. For example, sometimes a single Inferno locks our heroes, so at that time, we can put a freeze spell into that Inferno Tower to protest our Heroes.

Haste Spell

coc town hall 9 base
Town hall 9 Haste spell

Another new spell that we are getting to see in Town Hall 9, we will get to Unlock in the Dark Spell Factory. With the help of the spell, you can move the troops from that place very quickly. There are many set troops whose movement speed is very low. You can use this spell well on them Like ( Golem, Balloons, Dragons, etc)

Skeleton Spell

coc town hall 9 base
skeleton spell wallpaper

This is the second spell that we get to unlock inside the Dark Spell factory in Town Hall 9. In the area where you use this spell, It will spawn skeletons like witches and you can increase the number of skeletons spawned by leveling up the spell. Using this, you can keep your main troops from taking damage by diverting the attention of enemy defenses on them.


x-bow wallpaper
coc town hall 9 base

The most Powerful defense we’ve got to add to our base in the COC Town Hall 9 base is the X-Bow! It is capable of hitting both the place air and ground, for that you have to set it on that mode. When you set it to ground mode, its range increases, and when you set it to air mode, its attack range decreases. X-bow attacks a single target and deals huge damage.

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