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raid medals

Raid medals coc are a currency inside the coc game which we get to see in Clan Capital village. The way we are given medals according to our progress at the end of Clan War League. Similarly, in Clan Capital, we are getting Raid medals coc according to our progress at the end of Raid Weekend.

Raid Weekend:-

Raid Medals

To participate in Raid Weekend, you must upgrade your Capital Hall to a minimum of level 2 in Clan Capital. After that, you can participate in Raid weekend.

The Raid weekend event starts every week on Friday and ends on Sunday. During this time, the leader and co-leader of your clan can activate it at any time and after that, all the clan members can start attacking it.

How To Get Raid Medals In COC?

There are two ways to get Raid Medals in Clash of clans, Your clan earns Raid medals coc from both attacking and defending during raid weekends. Raid Medals are distributed at the end of the Raid Weekend to all Attacking players. Each District Destroyed by your clan gives Raid Medals, This means that the more enemy districts you defeat, the more Raid Medals COC all of you & participants will get at the end of the Raid Weekend, the stronger the district the more medals you get. So let’s know how you can get raid medals.

raid medals

Every member of your clan gets the same number of 5 attacks to use across the weekend. The first time you do 3 stars in any district you will earn a 1 bonus attack. There’s no way to get more attacks so make sure to use them wisely! Keep in mind that in whatever district base the player brings the third star, the same player gets 1 bonus attack in Raid Weekend.

The number of successful defenses your base makes during the Raid Weekend, your capital will be rewarded with medals, So make sure to set up devious layouts to make your Districts as hard as possible to defeat. and at the end of the weekend, The attacked and defend medals are added up and all participants receive these medals equally.

Clash Of Clans Raid Medals COC Chart:-

If your clan Defeats 4 to 5 enemy clans by the end of each raid weekend, All Participants will receive 800 to 1000 Raid Medals COC Each.

raid medals

we destroy 31  enemy districts completely during raid weekend and we got 861 raid medals.

If we take an average of this, we get 27 Medals as the Reward for successfully defeating each village.

COC Raid Medals COC Use:-

Raid medals coc help a lot in leveling up our base, so let’s know all those ways that how we can use raid medals COC to level up our base Fase!

When you want Clan Castle Troops to attack in War or anywhere but all your Clan members are offline. At that point, you can buy and keep your favorite troops in your Clan Castle with the help of Raid Medals.

raid medals

raid medals

When you want to upgrade your builder hall but can’t upgrade because of a lack of Builder Gold and Elixir. So you Can easily buy builder hall gold and elixir with the help of Raid medals coc and level up your builder hall very easily.

raid medals

With 250 Raid Medals, you can get 1 Million Builder Gold or Elixir, which counts a lot in the builder hall.

You can buy Laboratory potions with Raid Medals coc and upgrade all the items inside the Laboratory very quickly, which you know is very important.

raid medals                        raid medals

You can buy Clock Tower Potion with Raid Medals COC and boost the Builder Hall with 10X Speed for 30 minutes with every potion you buy.

raid medals

Supercell has added a new function to the game with this update, so now you can decorate the Huts of your Clan Capital. So with Raid Medals coc you can buy all these decoration items and give a unique look to your Clan Capital Huts.

raid medals

What Potions and Decoration Items you can buy with Raid Medals, you can see in the video below.

Clan War League

League Medals – League medals are the most precious Medals in the game they are very hard to get. With the gold medals, you can get so many amazing rewards. How can I get those medals? First of all, you have to join a Clan, In the Last Week of every month, the Clan War League event starts in the game, which lasts for 8 days. So let’s know how CWL works in detail:-

How Clan War League Works?

when this event starts the first 2 days are signup days. When you sign up, you automatically join a group consisting of 7 other clans with the same league level as your clan.

During this whole week, all these clans fight a war with each other one by one.

The first day after sigh up is the preparation day and the remaining 7 days are for war.

After the clan war League ends your clan will get a promotion or demotion and League Medals on the basis of your cwl performance.

All participants get equal League Medals at the end of CWL, But for this, you have to collect a minimum of 8 stars in CWl during the whole cwl event.

Apart from these medals, there are some bonus medals that only the leader or co-leaders can give to his clan members, which he wants to give.

Sign Up Days

We get 2 days to sign up in which we can sign up from a Minimum of 15 to a maximum of 50 players.

Only the leader and co-leaders can start the Clan War League.

When you reach the Champion league, at that time only 15 vs 15 players matches can be played.

CWL Medals Chart

By looking at this chart, you will understand very well which league you are in and which rank you are at the end of Clan War League so how many medals will you get that time?
raid medals

In addition to these medals, there are also a few Bonus Medals that can only be awarded by the leader or co-leaders to their favorite players or himself.   

This is not 2 days war., This is a clan war event you vs 7 clans in seven days.

The clan war contains a Minimum of 15 to a maximum of 50 members, Now you can change the members in each war.

Clashers will get the League medals at the end of the war.

Your performance will decide the number of medals you will get.

Only the Leader of the clan and co-Leader can distribute the bonus medals amount to the members.

Earn at least 8 stars in seven days of the war to get the reward.

Raid Medals


How Often Is Clan War League?

Clan War League happens once every month and that too in the last week of the month.

Who Are Able To Fight During Clan War League?

only sign-up players are able to fight during Clan War League other players will not be able to fight in the war, Nor can they give any donation in the war.

If We Don’t Want To Play CWL, Can We Play Normal War Or Friendly War?

Yes, if you don’t want to play CWL, you can play Normal war, but for that, you will have to wait for the end of the sign-up period which is of 2 days. You can play only one war at a time. If you have participated in CWL then you cannot play normal war or if you have participated in normal then you cannot play in CWL at that time.

What Happened If New Clan Starts CWL?

It depends on the Base progress of the top 15 players in your clan. If your top 15 players are fully maxed out then you can join maximum in the master league group.


Raid medals coc are the most useful source of rewards in clash of Clans. With them, you do so many things.

Silver Medals

Gold Medals

Both medals have their own use and are also similar in some rewards. You can acquire these medals with a simple strategy and use them to get rewards like ↓

I’m going to explain both medals and how you can get them with simple steps- 

Silver Medals – In order to acquire silver medals you need to be part of a clan, Now every week raid event starts. Now in this raid event, all clan members will be automatically added. Now all you have to do is attack the enemy clans and get the medals. Medal quantity will depend on your performance and how many starts you will get. when you attack you will also get capital gold you can use this gold to upgrade clan capital.

You will get 5 attacks + 1 extra attack if you manage to score a 3-stars attack on the enemy clan.

Make sure every time you attack you get at least 1 star which will give you more medals.

You have to finish your attack within 3 days. and 3 days to cool down till next weekend’s raid.

You will receive the raid medal at the end of the game.

Now, What can you do with the medals –  with Silver medals you can buy rewards Like all types of potions, gems, Elixir, gold, and wall rings.

Raid Medals

Check Out All CoC Rewards Value And What they Do

Silver & Gold Medal Rewards –   

raid medalsraid medals

raid medals

Lab Potion – This potion reduces the timing of your upgrade by 1 day in 1 hour. 

Available Both In Silver & Gold Medal 

 Silver cost – 200 Medals Per Potion

Gold Cost – 20 Medals

raid medals

Power Potion – This potion is used to upgrade your troops to max level. However, this potion only boosts your troops to only max level as your laboratory level. Work for 1 Hour.

Available in Silver Medal only Work in Home And Builder Village.

Silver cost –  150 Medals Per Potion

raid medals

Resource Potion – It will Boost your collector’s farming by 4x for 1 day. Elixer + Gold + Dark Elixer in the home village only.

Available in Silver and Gold  Work in Home village Only 

Silver cost – 200 Medals

Gold cost- 10 Medals

raid medals

Clock Tower Potion – This potion is used to boost clock towers for 30 min. This Potion only uses in Builder Village. 

Available in Silver Medal Only 

Silver cost – 100 Medals

raid medals

Book Of Everything – with the use of this you can finish any upgrade timing work in both villages. 

Only available through events can not buy with gold and silver medals.

raid medals

Book Of Hero – Use this book to upgrade any hero in instant. In order to use this book 1 builder must be free at that time. Work in both village 

Can not Buy with Silver or gold medals. Available in event Only and in 30 days challenge.

You can buy this book with Gems cost 500 Gems per book. 

raid medals

Book of Troops –  using this book you can upgrade any troops in instant to their next level. Troops don’t have to be in Lab for the upgrade you can upgrade it from your camp. 

Not available with Gold And Silver medals

Only available at events. Work in both villages.

raid medals

Book Of Building –  Use to finish any Building upgrade work in both villages

Not Available with Gold and Silver Medals 

Only Available in events and with Gems 

Gems Cost of this book  – 925 Gems

raid medals

Book of Spells –  Use to upgrade any spell in instant- Use in the home village only. Not available with Gold and silver medals.

Only Available in Events and with Gems-

Gems Cost for this book –  925 Gems

raid medals

Hammer Of Buildings  –  Use it to finish any building upgrade. Use in both villages. 

Only Available With Gold Medals only

Cost – 120 Medals

raid medals

Hammer of Spells – Use this hammer to upgrade your spell to the next level. This hammer only works in the home village. Also, only available with gold medals 

Cost OF Hammer – 120 Medals

raid medals

Hammer of Heroes –  Use this hammer to upgrade your hero. You can use this hammer in both villages. However, This hammer only bought buy gold meals 

Cost of the hammer – 165 medals

raid medals

Hammer of Fighting  – Use this hammer to upgrade troops. You can use this hammer in both villages. Only available in gold medals 

Cost of the hammer – 120 Medals. 

raid medals

2.5 Million Gold Just in 25 Gold Medal. The gold is only available in the home village. 

raid medals

2.5 Million Elixir Just in 25 Gold Medal. The Elixir is only available in the home village. 

raid medals

Home Village gold and elixir are used in the home village only. with Silver Medals only.

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