Best Army For Loot In COC 2024 Loot Max!

If you also like to play Clash of clans and want to collect as much loot as possible, then you have come to the right place. Collecting loot and updating your base is a lot easier these days than ever before. If you are a new player in coc, then let me tell you one thing earlier a lot of Elixir was used in making the army, Due to which it used to take a lot of time to fill the storage. Check out the best army for loot’s new trending strategy in clash of clans 2024.

Loot collecting is easy right now, but there are also a number of tricks you need to know that can help you fill up your storage in less time. Learn some basic tips that will help you collect more loot and in the end, we will tell you one such Raid Army by which you can easily loot any kind of base completely, Whether the defense of that base is low or it is a high-level defense.

So let’s first know some basic tips.

  1. Choose the right Troops:- All troops have their own unique abilities so that all Troops are better used in a different ways for different tasks. For example:- Archer and wizards specialize in attacking from a specific distance, while Giant and Golem can absorb damage (protect the rest of the army) and distract defenses while other troops do the looting. If you want to know which troops combination is best for army raids, war, and for loot, Click Here!
  2. Use spells wisely:- Spells play an important role during the attack. Using spells in the right way can be used to increase the power of your army, heal them and increase their abilities. using spells well during combat will allow you to make your attacks more successful and get more loot.
  3. While searching you will see some bases in which they have kept their loot outside to get the trophy so that you can take the loot and give them some trophy. from these types of bases your can collect loot easily.
  4. Use heroes:- A high-level hero deals even more damage, Like Archer Queen and Barbarian king. These are powerful units that can increase the damage output of your army.
  5. Clan Castle:- The more army you have, the more chances you have to win. That’s why in order to grow your army, you can ask for troops from your clan members in your clan castle and use them during your battles which can make your attack successful.
best army for loot

Best Army For Loot

As you have come to know that all troops have their own distinct role, then you will also know that the work of goblins is to loot, Which we can use for loot, we have checked all the combinations of other troops but we found this is the best army for loot which works in any Town Hall Level.

So let’s first know which troops will be used in this army and how to use them.

  1. Super Goblins ( According to your Army space)
  2. 6 Super Wall Breakers or ( 6 against and 12 normal wall breakers)
  3. Three Jump spell
  4. Two Invisible spell
  5. Three Haste spell

For our Strategy, we will not be using normal goblins. We’ll need Super Troop (Sneaky Goblins) for that Because they have the ability to remain invisible in the base for 5 Seconds after being released and if you want to send your troops inside the base without any problem, you can use the Super wall breaker. If you want to avoid spending your Dark Elixir on Super Troops, you can replace the Super wall Breakers with 6 Giants and 12 Normal Wall breakers. In Troops, we will need only these and we do not need more troops in this strategy, the best army for loot.

So let’s talk about spells, which ones are needed, and how to use them. Spells are also very important in this strategy. Without these, we cannot send our troops inside the base and can only loot outside. Keep one thing in mind, the more upgrades your troops have in strategy, the more benefits you will get. we only need 3 Jump spells, 3 Haste spells, and 2 Invisible spells in this strategy, That are all the things that will be used in our best army for loot strategy.

How To Work This Strategy:-

In strategy, we only need 6 Super Wall Breakers in Any Level Town Hall. But you can increase or decrease the Super Goblins according to the Space of your Army Camp.

  1. First, we have to loot all the collectors and Storages outsides the enemy base with the goblins only then our Sneaky Goblins will be ready to go inside the Base. So let’s know on which items how many goblins have to be left.
    • For Collectors = 1 Goblin Each
    • Storages = 3 Each (if they are outside the base if they are In then use 6)
    • Clan Castle = 4 Goblins
    • Town Hall = 7
  2. Now wherever we see storage near the outer walls, we have to break the wall there with wall breakers.
  3. Now we will get to see the storage right in the middle of the base, To reach there, we have to Put a Jump Spell on their nearest walls and throw a haste spell on the way between them so that our troop will reach those storages faster and loot them.
  4. At last, you can also take down the Town Hall in the same way without losing a star and you can collect all the loot of the base.

so once you try this strategy yourself and tell us by commenting below, how did you like this strategy, the best army for loot in clash of clans new loot strategy for loot.

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