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Skeleton Park Level 2 Layouts

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Skeleton Park: Unlocking the Ultimate Defenses and Troops

If you are an avid player of Clash of Clans, you might have heard of the all-new district hall called Skeleton Park level 2 layout. It is a district hall that unlocks at Capital Hall level 8, but it only goes up to level 4. However, unlocking Skeleton Park is worth it because it opens up a whole new Base of defenses and troops for you to use. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about Skeleton Park, from its features, upgrades, and the new defenses and troops that come with it.

Overview of Skeleton Park:-

Skeleton Park level 2 layout is a new district hall in Clash of Clans that unlocks at Capital hall level 8. It is a unique district hall that only goes up to level 4, but its unlocks are game-changing. To upgrade your District hall to level 2, you need to have Capital hall 8. Once you’ve unlocked Skeleton Park, you’ll have access to the all-new Capital Troop (Inferno Dragon), two new defenses (Reflector and Mini-Minion Hive), and a new Capital Spell (Graveyard Spell).

Unleashing the New Defenses and Troops of Skeleton Park

1. Reflector Defense

The Reflector is the first defense you unlock at Skeleton Park level 2 layout. It is a defense that does not attack its own, but it does reflect damages, making it an excellent defense against sneaky archers. It has a range of 10 tiles, a single target damage type, and can target both ground and air units.

2. Mini-Minion Hive Defense

The Mini-Minion Hive is the second defense that you unlock at Skeleton Park level 2 layout. It is one of the coolest defenses available in the game. It comes with a burst fire of 12 shots and has the highest range in the district hall. It targets both air and ground troops, making it a versatile defense to have in your arsenal.

3. Graveyard Spell

Graveyard Spell is the all-new spell that unlocks at Capital hall 8 at district hall level 2 of Skeleton Park. This spell spawns skeletons based on the army type you are using. If you are using air troops, it will spawn air skeletons, and if you are using ground troops, it will spawn ground skeletons with shields. This spell has a housing space of 2 and lasts for 2 raid attacks. It can target both air and ground units, making it a powerful spell to have in your arsenal.

Upgrade Your District Hall

You can upgrade your District hall up to level 2 at Capital Hall 8. Once you have upgraded your District hall to level 4, you will have access to two Mini-Minion Hive defenses and six Reflector defenses.

Defending Your Base with Spiky Nettled Vines

One of the unique features of Skeleton Park level 2 layout is the spiky nettled vines that act as barriers. These barriers are impenetrable, much like mountains in other districts. Ground troops cannot break them or jump over them, so you have to enter through the little gaps. These barriers can provide additional defense for your base and make it more challenging for enemies to attack.


Skeleton Park is a game-changing district hall that unlocks Capital hall level 8. It only goes up to level 4, but it unlocks a whole new Base of defenses and troops that can give you the upper hand in battles. The Reflector, Mini-Minion Hive, and Graveyard Spell are powerful tools that can help you defend your base and attack enemies. Additionally, the spiky nettled vines add an extra layer of defense to your base. So, if you haven’t unlocked the Skeleton level 2 layout base, you can upgrade skeleton park to level 2 at your capital hall level 8.

You will get to see the layout links of all these bases as soon as Super Cell provides this facility in the game.

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