Best Th14 Farming Base (**Anti Loot**) 30+ Designs 2023

Best Th14 Farming Base

30+ Best Th14 Farming Base (**Anti Loot**) layouts 2023

If you want to strengthen your Best Th14 Farming Base defense and you are looking for the best base layout for that then you are in the right place. We have presented you here by testing all the base layouts here and they have been liked by maximum all clashers. Here you will get all bases with their download links which you can easily make your base layout with one click, and in this article, You will get to know not only the base layout but all the important things related to Town Hall 14, which you can know below.

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Similar to Town Hall 13, we get to see the Giga Inferno in Best Th14 Farming Base, but it does more damage than before. It also upgraded to level 5 and when it breaks, it releases a poison Bomb, which deals damage while blasting and slowing down the enemy.

New Items unlock in Th 14

  1. 1x Pet House
  2. 25x New Wall pieces
  3. 1x Air Bomb
  4. 1x Seeking Air Mine
  5. 1x Skeleton Trap
  6. 1x Bomb
  7. 1x Giant Bomb
  8. New defense Battle Builders.

Introducing New Hero’s Pets

Best th14 Farming Base

Hero pets are a completely new unit type in Clash of Clans Best Th14 Farming Base. when you upgrade your village to Town Hall 14 you will be able to unlock a new building, One whose name is Pet House. Instead of calling it a defensive building, it can also be called a new laboratory because this is the place where you can manage your hero pets and upgrade them, and assign them to your Heroes, Best Th14 Farming Base.

Each level unlocks a new hero pet as you upgrade your pet house. Each hero pet has its own unique ability that will aid the hero it is assigned to.

  • Pet Hose Level 1 unlocks L.A.S.S.I
  • Pet Hose Level 2 unlocks Electro Owl
  • Pet Hose Level 3 unlocks Mighty Yak
  • Pet Hose Level 4 unlocks Unicorn

A pet can go with only one hero at a time and we can also decide which pet will go with which hero. Which pet can be used better with which hero? After checking this, we can use them in a better way in our army and can give a new look to the attacking strategy.

For your barbarian King, if you want him to do more damage, you can add  Mighty Yak to him, which easily breaks through walls, and our barbarian king can easily go inside and could make an easy way for his army behind. If you prefer the Queen Walk attack Strategy, you can set a unicorn for your queen, as it will continue to give her additional healing during combat.

Magic items can be used to upgrade  Hero Pets.  Just like your Heroes, they can be upgraded using Book of Heroes to complete an upgrade in process or a Hammer of Heroes to instantly give your pet house a new level, Best Th14 Farming Base.


lassi can jump over walls to attack targets on the other side. Its ability is that its hitpoints are very high, which protects its hero from taking damage. This proves to be the best combination with the Royal Champion in Town Hall 14 as the Royal Champion targets defenses and it also helps him to target defenses.

Electro OWL

Electro owl zaps enemy defenses into dust from a great distance. He’s mostly made of feathers though, so it better keep him well-protected. Electro Owl attacks and Bounces to a nearby target. Its special ability is that it is capable of attacking from a distance, so it is better to combine it with a long-range hero, which will prove to be a better combination with a Grand Wardon.

Mighty Yak

Build like a siege Machine, the Mighty Yak has a knack for knocking down any walls it comes in contact with. It also flies into a rage if you knock out its companion. its special ability is it deals extra damage to walls. As you know that its special ability is to deal more damage to walls, so you can also call it a kind of small siege machine.

Its better combination will be with the barbarian king as it can run the wall easily and the barbarian king has a high hit point and he can go inside walls and deal more damage inside except waste time on walls. Apart from this, it will prove to be helpful in making an easy way for the rest of the army behind Best Th14 Farming Base.


Unicorns have severe trust issues, but overcoming them with love and patience is totally worth it. They’ll heal up any minor or major scrapes as well as any healer! Its special ability is it follows and heals the hero it is paired with, After the knockdown hero it will follow another active hero. Just like the healer is very important in all the troops in the army. Similarly, In all these pets, there is great importance on the pet that heals the heroes Best Th14 Farming Base.

New Defense – ‘Battle Builders’ (Th 14 War Base)

Th 14 war base battle builders

Before Town Hall 14, they were still a normal builder hut, but once you get to Town Hall 14, you unlock their special abilities by upgrading them. After years of burning down his creations day after day, the builder finally decided to turn his humble hut into a tool of vengeance. Builder Hut is no longer just an extra damage percentage or a lonely building in a corner that gives you 99% and 2 stars to attack when time fall occurs, Now it is no longer just for this purpose.

Now he is no longer dependent on others to protect himself. Now it is also capable of defending itself and protecting/ healing the others in the base.

  • Range = 6 Tiles
  • Damage type = Single Target
  • Targets = Ground & Air
  • Favorite target = Any

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